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Biology 2013-2014


Joseph Angleson
Associate professor and chair
PhD, Biochemistry
Baylor College of Medicine
Cell Physiology: intracellular signaling and vesicle transport

Scott Barbee
Assistant professor
PhD, Cell and Developmental Biology
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Developmental Neurobiology: mRNPs in neurons

Todd Blankenship
Assistant professor
PhD, Molecular Biology
Princeton University
Developmental Biology: epithelial tissue architecture

Phillip Danielson
PhD, Biology
University of Denver
Molecular Biology: forensic science

Robert Dores
Professor PhD, Zoology
University of Minnesota
Neuroendocrinology: hormone/receptor interactions and hormone biosynthesis

James Fogleman
Professor PhD, Genetics
Cornell University
Genetics: neurodegenerative disorders and forensic science

John Kinnamon
PhD, Biology
University of Georgia
Neuroscience: sensory system neurobiology

Daniel Linseman
Assistant professor
PhD, Pharmacology University of Michigan
Neuroscience: oxidative stress and apoptosis in neurodegeneration

Shannon Murphy
Assistant professor
PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University
Ecology and Evolution: plant/insect interactions

Scott Nichols
Assistant professor
PhD, Integrative Biology
UC Berkeley
Molecular Biology and Evolution: evolution of multicellular life

David Patterson
PhD, Microbiology
Brandeis University
Neuroscience: metabolomics, Down Syndrome, aging and neurodegenerative disorders

James Platt
Professor PhD, Biology
University of Colorado at Boulder

Martin Quigley
Associate professor
PhD, Botany
Louisiana State University
Ecology: landscape ecology, restoration and urban ecology

Thomas Quinn
PhD, Biology
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
Molecular Biology: conservation genetics and transposable elements in the avian genome

Susan Sadler
Associate professor
PhD, Pharmacology
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Cell Biology: meiotic cell division, membrane fluidity and membrane domains

Anna Sher
Associate professor
PhD, Biological Sciences
University of New Mexico
Ecology: plant conservation biology

Robin Tinghitella
Assistant professor
PhD, Biology
University of California, Riverside
Ecology: behavioral ecology in rapid adaptive evolution