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Computer Science

Computer Science 2013-2014


Anneliese K. A. Andrews
PhD, Duke University
Research areas: software engineering, performance modeling

Joel Cohen, Emeritus
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Maryland
Research areas: computer algebra, symbolic mathematical computation, applied mathematics, number theory

Chris Gauthier Dickey
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Oregon
Research areas: networks, security, multiplayer games

Rinku Dewri
Assistant Professor
PhD, Colorado State University
Research areas: information security and privacy, network risk management, multi-criteria decision analysis

Scott T. Leutenegger
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research areas: humane games and game education, spatio- temporal databases, performance modeling

Mario A. Lopez
John Evans Professor
PhD, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Research areas: geometric computation, multidimensional and spatio-temporal databases, geographic information systems, computer music

Matthew Rutherford
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder
Research areas: software engineering, distributed systems

Nathan Sturtevant
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Research areas: artificial intelligence, heuristics, multiplayer games

Ramki Thurimella
Professor and Department Chair PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Research areas: computer networks and security, mobile computing, bioinformatics, algorithm design


Cathy Durso
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Susanne Sherba
PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder

Jeffrey Edgington
PhD, University of Denver