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Mathematics 2013-2014


Why study mathematics at the University of Denver?

Our graduate programs provide a personalized, congenial and rewarding educational atmosphere. You will interact with our faculty from your first day at the University of Denver. The Department of Mathematics at the University of Denver offers an MA and MS in mathematics and a PhD in mathematics.

Your options for involvement in mathematical research are numerous and varied; our faculty is active in research and eager to partner with you. While the department is large enough to provide high quality research opportunities, it is small enough to guarantee close faculty-student interaction. The faculty is highly distinguished, having received awards for excellence in both research and teaching.

The MS and MA degrees prepare the practitioner for careers in which mathematics plays a central role. The PhD is a research degree that prepares the recipient to advance the frontiers of knowledge within a specific area of interest. It is structured to provide the flexibility for students to incorporate interests in allied fields.

Our graduates are highly sought, not only for their knowledge of mathematics, but also for their ability to solve problems, to think abstractly and to see the big picture, and to articulate their ideas with clarity and precision. Our graduates have been successful in a remarkably diverse collection of careers, including industry, business, education and academia.