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Media, Film & Journalism Studies

Media, Film and Journalism Studies 2013-2014


Why pursue an MA or MS from the department of media, film and journalism studies at the University of Denver?

The department of media, film and journalism studies' graduate programs offer a broad-based understanding of the role and operation of the mass media in contemporary society as well as the creation of stories and messages for distribution through various channels.

Students may choose from three specialized programs:

  • MA in media, film and journalism studies, student-designed emphasis
  • MA in media, film and journalism studies, video production emphasis
  • MS in strategic communication

Students may also choose various dual-degree program combinations including:

  • MS in strategic communication/MA video production emphasis
  • MA in media, film and journalism studies/JD (with the Sturm College of Law)

Our programs provide a unique curriculum focusing on the social, economic, cultural, legal and public policy implications of the mass media and allow students to specialize in particular areas to prepare them for careers in media research, public relations, journalism, video and television production, filmmaking, media criticism, media management and media regulation and policy. Some MA and MS graduates also seek more advanced degrees as they enter MFA or PhD programs.

All master's programs require 48 credits for completion of the degree. While some full-time students take a heavier load and part-time students take a lighter load, most media, film and journalism studies graduate students take eight credit hours/two courses per quarter. This is particularly true of those who complete a thesis. Because of the sequencing of classes, it generally takes six quarters to complete the MA, video emphasis and student-design degrees, while some in the MS in strategic communication degree have completed the degree in five quarters. We schedule most graduate-level courses during afternoon and evening hours as a convenience to those who wish to pursue their degree on a part-time basis or for full-time students who maintain employment during their pursuit of an advanced degree.

Our alumni develop careers in a variety of areas including corporate, nonprofit and government public relations, advertising, video, television and film production, journalism, media research analysis, telecommunications and education.