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Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2013-2014


Why study engineering at the University of Denver?

The University of Denver's department of mechanical and materials engineering (MME) is creating the future of technology by providing a graduate education emphasizing cross- disciplinary knowledge. A distinguished faculty is creating multidisciplinary education and research programs that anticipate technological trends in research and industry. Engineering graduate students join the faculty in conducting cutting-edge research in emerging disciplines to develop unique solutions to old and new problems and opportunities.

The well-equipped laboratories in the department contain state-of-the-art equipment and software to support research in biomedical engineering, advanced materials, atmospheric aerosol science, and mechanical design among others. Small classes support our multidisciplinary and real-time focus by providing close contact between students and faculty, which allows us to meet students' individual career goals.

In addition, recognizing the different aims and goals of students, we offer joint degree programs in management and engineering for students who wish to add to their technical skills and acquire business skills; computer science and engineering for those who desire expertise in both areas; nanoscale science and engineering for those who desire practical training in this rapidly growing field; and in materials science for those needing in-depth expertise on modern and advanced materials.

Denver is a first-rate location for business, governmental and laboratory partnerships, and technology employment. The Colorado Front Range is consistently rated as one of the top high- tech areas in the country, and the University of Denver is located just minutes from the Denver Technological Center, site of many top technology companies. The department of mechanical and materials engineering is committed to active collaboration with these industry leaders. As a result, our students graduate with relevant research experience and a network of employment contacts in the technology sector.