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Philosophy 2013-2014

Degree Requirements

Proposal Process for Flexible Dual-Degree Program in Philosophy

The dean, chair, or director of each degree program and both program advisers, must carefully compare the requirements for each program and approve the proposal. The student must then submit a copy of the original requirements for each degree (printout from the unit Web site or copy from the student handbook is acceptable), and the flexible dual-degree proposal to the Office of Graduate Studies. The philosophy department will provide a coursework template for the student to include with his or her proposal.

The student then submits the documents listed above to the Office of Graduate Studies, which reviews and decides on the proposals. Proposals with errors or course/program inconsistencies will be returned for revision.

Any changes to the approved program require the student to resubmit a revised proposal packet to the deans/chairs/directors and advisers of both programs and the Office of Graduate Studies.

Once the proposal is approved, the student will be entered into the university computer system as a flexible dual-degree student for the following quarter.


  • 45 quarter hours in philosophy (students may propose to have this amount reduced by a maximum of 10 quarter hours under appropriate circumstances as specified by the flexible dual-degree guidelines). Because philosophy is part of a flexible dual-degree program, these hours are required in addition to the required hours in another approved discipline. Courses graded below a C– cannot be counted for a flexible dual-degree.
  • A comprehensive exam over the history of Western philosophy
  • A portfolio paper approved by a committee of three department faculty
  • An oral defense covering both the comprehensive exam on the history of Western philosophy and the portfolio paper