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Recycling at DU

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One of the University's stated goals is To achieve financial, operational, human, and environmental resource sustainability.  This is accomplished in part by practicing responsible environmental stewardship.

The mission of Denver University's Recycling Program is to implement a convenient, safe and cost-effective recycling program that is available to as many people as possible. We rely on participation and feedback from students, faculty and staff to continously expand and improve upon existing programs, as well as to develop new recycling/sustainability initiatives.  Since recycling at DU is just one action the institution and its members may take to increase sustainability, we strive to provide additional information about sustainable living so students are aware of how to lessen their environmental impact.

To this end, we will dispose of unwanted materials and equipment in an ethical fashion that protects both the environment and the people involved in the recycling efforts.  Our practices will be fiscally responsible, and comply with all applicable state and federal regulations.

DU Recycles


The University of Denver has launched a NEW RECYCLING PROGRAM.

The new program involves the addition of thousands of recycling bins located next to nearly every trash receptacle on the DU campus. The new program is “All Together.”   This means different recycling materials can be co-mingled in the same bin. The recycling company, Alpine Waste and Recycling, will sort the materials.

You may have already received a blue recycling bin. Marketing information will follow over the coming weeks.   Here is how the program works.

The Collection Process:

DU’s custodial staff will only empty. Large, centralled located bins. You must empty your own desk-sized bins into the closest larger recycling bin located in your department/building. The frequency of the larger bin pickups will vary from 1 to 3 days per week according to demand.

Key Contacts:

Please direct all recycling logistical inquiries (i.e., number of bins, size of bins, pick up issues), to the Facilities Service Desk, through the online work order system, or email , or call 303-871-2200.



A brief summary of what CAN and CANNOT be recycled is outlined below:

NOT  Recyclable
       Paper     Liquid
       Junk Mail     Food Waste
       Aluminum Cans     Plastic Bags
       Glass Bottles     Styrofoam
       Plastics ( # 1-7)     Laboratory Glass ( test tubes, beakers, etc.)


Thank you,

-The DU Sustainability Council

For more information on DU Sustainability Council:
Visit or e-mail Fred Cheever at