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Iliff School of Theology

2201 S. University Blvd.

Denver CO 80210

Inclusion & Equity Education

The Hub
2050 S. Gaylord St.
Denver CO 80210

Information Technology

Information Technology
2100 South High Street
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Adams, Jonathan A. 303-871-7856 Developer III, Application
Adams, Todd R. 303-871-2826 Developer III, Application
Ananthakrishnan, Rohini 303-871-4738 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Application Services
Andree, Dan A. 303-871-2232 Administrator Junior, Database
Baca, Bobby 303-871-4265 Business Analyst II
Bhatti, Zirgham A. 303-871-6821 Analyst II, Business
Boesch, William 303-871-4587 Senior Specialist, Support
Boutet, Darin R. 303-871-2103 Technician III, Video/Media
Brown, MarySue 303-871-3690 Business Analyst II
Bruning, Daniel L. 303-871-2587 Developer III, Web
Burnham, Chad D. 303-871-4441 Manager, Special Projects
Camarena, Brian 303-871-6562 Technician, Lead Video Media
Chen, Jenny J. 303-871-6964 Specialist, Support
Craig, Cory 303-871-3739 Engineer III, Systems
Davies, Joshua R. 303-871-2100 Head, IT - MCE
Davis, Gail M. 303-871-2100 Manager, Office
Dockter, Weston L. 303-871-2100 Video Media Technician III
Dollar, Mickey M. 303-871-7823 Specialist, Field Support
Dunn, Josiah T. 303-871-4721 Analyst I, Business
Duran, Carrie M. 303-871-2676 Manager, Software
Ekobena, Max C. 303-871-3928 Engineer II, Network
Esparza, Marc M. 303-871-2134 Developer II, Application
Fall, Mohamed L. 303-871-2100 Engineer II, Information Security
Fischer, Daniel J. 303-871-3960 Assistant Director, Digital Media IT Field Support
Fisher, Tremayne T. 303-871-2446 Technician III, Video/Media
Flanary, Brent J. 303-871-2100 Network Engineer III
Foster, Ben H. 303-871-2132 Officer I, Business
Frey, Maxwell S. 303-871-2491 Developer II, Application
Garrett, Ryan T. 303-871-2262 Head of Information Technology, Graduate School of Social Work
Ginjupalli, Anu 303-871-2100 Administrator III, Database
Goebel, Brent 303-871-2100 Engineer III, Systems
Gonzales, Michael A. 303-871-3870 Specialist, Support
Harris, Kenneth 303-871-2070 Engineer I, Network
Haymore, Susan 303-871-2100 Analyst III, Business
Hays, Donna 303-871-2741 Manager, IT Project
Haywood, Katherine T. 303-871-4158 Software Adoption Specialist
Henderlight, Richard H. 303-871-2109 Evening Supervisor Help Center
Higgins, Owen S. 303-871-2967 Senior Specialist, Technical Support
Hoenings, Gerald 303-871-7699 Analyst II, Business
Hogue, Kent K. 303-871-2432 Lead, Web and Mobile
Holland, Miles J. 303-871-2100 Technician III, Media A/V
Horgan, Greg T. 303-871-3351 Supervisor, Technical Support
Huckins, Paul G. 303-871-2117 Engineer III, Systems
Jackson, Franklin 303-871-2469 Director, Digital Media Services & IT Field Support
Johnson, Matt W. 303-871-2978 Engineer II, Information Security
Jones, Chris A. 303-871-3141 Engineer III, Systems
Jones, Nate J. 303-871-2100 Technician III, A/V Media
Kannan, Vidya 303-871-3390 Developer III, Application
Keizer, Lucas R. 303-871-2100 Lead, Audio Visual
Kelley, Kevin M. 303-871-4303 Operator, Computer
Kelter, Aaron P. 303-871-2100 Field Support Specialist
Khramov, Alex 303-871-4447 Director, IT Operations
Kovanda, Ivan P. 303-871-2350 Engineer I, Systems
Krems, Debra L. 303-871-3644 Manager, Project
Lafrance, Devon M. 303-871-2100 Web Developer I
Landry, Samuel J. 303-871-2363 Specialist, IT Support
Lew, Marcelo 303-871-6523 Manager, Information Security
Liguori Hernandez, Theresa 303-871-3152 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Partnerships
Lilley, Renee M. 303-871-3341 Digital Media Services Manager
Machan, Brad S. 303-871-2413 Analyst II, Business
Marks, Branford I. 303-871-2100 Support Specialist, Help Center
McElwreath, Angie S. 303-871-3714 Analyst II, Business
McLain, Nicole E. 303-871-3450 Engineer II, Information Security
Moitzfield, Darren 303-871-7440 Manager, Business Analysts
Mott, Mike M. 303-871-3761 Engineer III, Network
Muntean, Michael T. 303-871-2100 Systems Engineer III
Nagel, Tommy M. 303-871-7634 Technician III, Media
Nau, Matthew B. 303-871-2854 Administrator III, Database
Neubert, Jeff 303-871-2829 Engineer I, Network
Nickel, Zachary 303-871-2664 Lead, Phone Support
Numoto, Karissa D. 303-871-4334 Specialist, Support
Osoriolopez, Leo E. 303-871-7822 Administrator I, Database
Parker, Elizabeth 303-871-3808 Director, Business & Operations
Pendell, Paul A. 303-871-6505 Technician III, Media
Porter, Sara A. 303-871-2100 Engineer III, Systems
Power, Ryan A. 303-871-2100 Engineer III, Systems
Rajendran, Padma 303-871-2454 Engineer III, Network
Ramu, Nithya 303-871-2256 Developer II, Application
Ravindran, Vidya 303-871-4627 Developer III, Application
Reese, Greg S. 303-871-2100 Manager, IT Architecture & Engineering
Rinnert, Thomas W. 303-871-2001 Engineer III, Network
Roberts, Jonathan M. 303-871-4080 Manager, Network Infrastructure
Roudik, Andrei 303-871-3299 Engineer I, Systems
Sayed, Haytham 303-871-2123 Manager, Database Administration
Schrock, Korben K. 303-871-2008 Technician III, A/V Media
Seltzer, Beth 303-871-4900 Engineer II, Information Security
Shah, Nirav P. 303-871-2125 Developer III, Application
Sheu, Tim T. 303-871-3519 Head, IT - RSECS
Shope, Drew A. 303-871-3849 Engineer I, Systems
Smith, Cedric M. 303-871-3894 Manager, Help Center
Smith, Jesse S. 303-871-4340 Developer II, Application
Staiert, John P. 303-871-2009 Developer II, Application
Starling, Gary 303-871-4030 Interim Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Technology Officer
Steele, Sean 303-871-3108 Specialist, Support
Sweet, Nathan J. 303-871-3535 Developer II, Application
Taylor, Elizabeth 303-871-7775 Engineer I, Systems
Tovbis, Gohar 303-871-2119 Director, Enterprise Software Development
Vaidyanathan, Aparna 303-871-6190 Analyst I, Business
Vajpeyi, Varun 303-871-2881 Specialist, Support
Weddle, Jill N. 303-871-2223 Lead, Software Adoption
Westover, Lew 303-871-2092 Manager, Software
Wolfert, Taylor W. 303-871-7019 Developer, Application II
Zies, Le V. 303-871-7526 Specialist, Support

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 483
Denver CO 80210

Institute for Philanthropy and Social Enterprise

Frank H. Ricketson Law Building Room 462A
2255 E Evans Ave
Denver CO 80210

Institutional Partnerships

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 310
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
O'Malley, Stephanie Y. 303-871-2784 Associate Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations
Rezaie, Fatima Z. 303-871-7540 Manager, Project

Institutional Research and Analysis, Office of

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 301
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Furno, Mike A. 303-871-7556 Assistant Provost, Institutional Research
Ma, Lin 303-871-2362 Senior Analyst, Institutional Research
Miller, Katia J. 303-871-7556 Analyst, Institutional Research
Pattiz, Brian D. 303-871-2381 Analyst, Institutional Research
Pena, Christopher M. 303-871-2808 Director, Data Management
Schroeder, Katie I. 303-871-7556 Analyst, Institutional Research
Siebrase, Ben E. 303-871-3180 Statistician & Data Visual Dev

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

Administrative Office Building
2601 E. Colorado Ave 1st Floor
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Ging, CeCe 303-871-4230 Manager, Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and Events

Daniel L. Ritchie Center
2201 E. Asbury St. Room 4227
Denver CO 80210

Internal Audit

Administrative Office Building
2601 E. Colorado Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Awokulehin, Ope A. 303-871-6820 Senior Auditor
Hilt, Amy N. 303-871-2648 Senior Auditor
Wen, Tiffany 303-871-7928 Director, Internal Audit

International Living and Learning Community

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Paul, Pallab 303-871-4143 Director, International LLC

International Studies, Korbel School of

SIE Complex
2201 S. Gaylord St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Abdrabou, Ahmed M. 303-871-3685 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Adelman, Jonathan R. 303-871-2548 Professor
Aker, Katie 303-871-2324 Program Manager, Scrivner
Archer, Kevin D. 303-871-2559 Teaching Professor
Archer, Kevin D. 303-871-2559 Director, International Programs
Archer, Kevin D. 303-871-2559 Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Avant, Deborah 303-871-2332 Professor
Banman, James W. 303-871-3173 Manager, Business & Operations
Barma, Naazneen 303-871-2324 Director, Scrivner Institute of Public Policy
Barma, Naazneen 303-871-2324 Associate Professor
Barney, Anajulia 303-871-2213 Administrator, Contract & Business
Berry, Marie E. 303-871-4270 Director, IGLI
Berry, Marie E. 303-871-4270 Associate Professor
Bohl, David K. 303-871-4716 Assistant Director, Analysis
Bories-Easley, Rae Ann 303-871-4854 Director, Career/Professional Development
Boyle, Tara R. 303-871-4476 Director, Undergraduate Student Affairs
Bucher-McCoy, Jane K. 303-871-2882 Coordinator, Development - JKSIS
Chimuma, Lilian L. 303-871-2324 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
DeMartino, George 303-871-3089 Professor
DeMartino, George 303-871-3089 Co-Director of Global Economic Affairs
Desai, Sachin C. 303-871-2288 Teaching Assistant Professor
Dickson, Janet R. 303-871-3093 Research Associate
Doerr, Daniel 303-871-3838 Director, Graduate Enrollment
Donnelly, Jack 303-871-2563 Professor
Doran, Whitney 303-871-2324 Assistant Director, Project Operations
Epstein, Rachel 303-871-3843 Professor
Epstein, Rachel 303-871-3843 Associate Dean of Faculty & Research
Feste, Karen A. 303-871-2418 Professor
Galemba, Rebecca 303-871-3591 Associate Professor
Gaylinn, Debbie 303-871-3400 Director, Graduate Student Affairs
Gehring, Keith M. 303-871-2324 Teaching Associate Professor
Gilbert, Alan 303-871-2547 Professor
Gjelsteen, Kristin 303-871-2324 Program Manager, Sustainability
Goldfischer, David 303-871-2324 Associate Professor
Grabel, Ilene J. 303-871-2546 Professor
Grabel, Ilene J. 303-871-2546 Co-Director of Global Economic Affairs
Griffith, Lewis K. 303-871-2550 Teaching Associate Professor
Griffith, Lewis K. 303-871-2550 Director of International Security
Hamilton, Sarah L. 303-871-2558 Associate Professor
Hanna, Taylor 303-871-4538 Associate II, Research
Hashemi, Nader 303-871-2447 Associate Professor
Hashemi, Nader 303-871-2447 Cert Director, Religion & Intl
Hashemi, Nader 303-871-2447 ICRS, Middle East
Hayden, Karen M. 303-871-4374 Program Coordinator, Crossley
Hendrix, Cullen 303-871-3989 Professor
Holland, Lynn 303-871-2324 Teaching Professor
Holland, Lynn 303-871-2324 Director, International Studies MA Program
Hughes, Barry B. 303-871-2304 Professor
Ishay, Micheline 303-871-2324 Director of the Human Rights Program
Ishay, Micheline 303-871-2324 Professor
Jannone, Gina M. 303-871-6722 Program Manager,ICRS
Jensen, Kevin 303-871-2324 Officer, Admissions
Johnson, Sandy A. 303-871-6031 Director of the Global Health Program
Johnson, Sandy A. 303-871-6031 Teaching Professor
Jones-Sanpei, Hinckley A. 303-871-2324 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Kabandula, Abigail 303-871-2324 Research Scientist
Kaplan, Oliver 303-871-2324 Associate Professor
Kaplan, Oliver 303-871-2324 ICRS, Europe
Khan, Haider A. 303-871-4461 Professor
Kostadinova, Gergana D. 303-871-7713 Program Manager, Sie
Laetz, Tom 303-871-2324 Professor of the Practice
Laird, Frank N. 303-871-4462 Associate Professor
Laird, Frank N. 303-871-4462 Director, Sustainability
Macdonald, Julia M. 303-871-3662 Assistant Professor
Marchetta, Christine M. 303-871-2525 Building and Events Manager
Martin, Anjali T. 303-871-2324 Research Associate
Matthews, Austin 303-871-6556 Scientist, Research
Matthews, Courtland H. 303-871-2324 Communications Manager
Mayer, Fritz 303-871-6338 Dean, Josef Korbel School
McNeil, Kaylin 303-871-2324 Research Associate
Meisel, Collin J. 303-871-2605 Research Associate, Diplometrics
Metropulos, Anna C. 303-871-2324 Administrative Assistant
Morton Luna, Mira A. 303-871-2324 Associate Director, Student Career Development
Moyer, Jonathan D. 303-871-2443 Assistant Professor
Muyeba, Singumbe 303-871-2580 Assistant Professor
Noble, Kristen E. 303-871-2324 Program Manager, DEI
Phanichpatom, Alana N. 303-871-4012 Associate Dean for Administration
Rafa, Mickey T. 303-871-6673 Assistant Director, Research Operations
Reimer, Gabrielle D. 303-871-2473 Officer, Admissions
Reis, Chen 303-871-7901 Director, Humanitarian Assist
Reis, Chen 303-871-7901 Clinical Associate Professor
Rhodes, Martin J. 303-871-3811 Director, Europe Center
Rhodes, Martin J. 303-871-3811 Professor
Rothman, Dale S. 303-871-2373 Associate Professor
Rutherford, Heather 303-871-4834 Interim Career Services Manager
Schmieder Hereau, Jill 303-871-2324 Assistant Dean for External Engagement
Schneider, Aaron 303-871-3601 Professor and Leo Block Chair
Schneider, Aaron 303-871-3601 Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Schneider, Aaron 303-871-3601 Degree Director, Development
Schultz, Mary J. 303-871-2324 Assistant,Editorial & Program
Sisk, Timothy D. 303-871-2998 Professor
Sisk, Timothy D. 303-871-2998 Co-Director, PhD Program
Tennis, Katherine H. -303-8712 Teaching Assistant Professor
Thompson, Anne M. 303-871-2536 Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment
Trueblood, Tamera D. 303-871-4416 Assistant, Executive
Uttaro, Robert 303-871-2324 Teaching Associate Professor
Vandenberg, Cory D. 303-871-2324 System Developer
Verhagen, Willem 303-871-2324 Scientist, Research
Viotti, Paul R. 303-871-2324 Professor
Waller, Genevieve A. 303-871-3608 Program Manager, Student Affairs
Weygandt, Irene 303-871-2324 Director of Communications and Marketing
Xiong, Yutang 303-871-2324 Manager, Data Operations
Zhao, Sam 303-871-2401 Professor
Zhao, Sam 303-871-2401 Executive Director, CCUSC
d'Estree, Claude P. 303-871-6286 Director of CORD
d'Estree, Claude P. 303-871-6286 Teaching Professor
d'Estree, Tamra P. 303-871-7685 Associate Professor

Internationalization, Office of

International House
2200 S. Josephine St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Anderson, Diane L. 303-871-4372 Director, Business & Operations
Booker-Reusch, Krystal N. 303-871-4905 Coordinator, Program
Buhs, Laura E. 303-871-7861 Assistant Director, ISSS
Christy, Susan M. 303-871-4912
Christy, Susan M. 303-871-4912 Assistant, Administrative
Dinger, Casey 303-871-4912 Executive Director for Internationalization
King, Tom B. 303-871-4258 Manager, SEVIS
Koziol, Ben D. 303-871-4478 Manager I, Program
Kurucz, Eleanor M. 303-871-4907 Advisor, International Community & Program Coordinator
Lindsey, Levi 303-871-4912 Director, Strategic Partnerships
Raychaudhuri, Uttiyo 303-871-4912 Vice Provost
Volden, Emelee P. 303-871-4902 Director, Office of International Education
Warner, Lynne 303-871-2371 Director, International Student & Scholar Services
Xu, Mary 303-871-3812 Program Manager I