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Iliff School of Theology

2201 S. University Blvd.

Denver CO 80210

Inclusion & Equity Education

The Hub
2050 S. Gaylord St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Walker, Thomas Edward 303-871-7482 Dir Inclusion & Equity Edu

Information Technology

Information Technology
2100 South High Street
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Adams, Jonathan Andrew 303-871-7856 Application Developer III
Adams, Todd Roy 303-871-2826 Application Developer III
Ananthakrishnan, Rohini 303-871-4738 Associate Vice Chancellor EAS/Deputy CIO
Anderson, Spencer Robin 303-871-5291 Help Desk Phone Support Lead
Ashburn, Andrea Marie (Ondrija) 303-871-2267 Executive Assistant, Information Technology
Bates, Matthew Harold Charles 303-871-2100 Application Developer I
Bhatti, Zirgham Aslam 303-871-6821 Business Analyst III
Bingham, Lalanya Kay 303-871-4721 Business Analyst II
Boesch, William 303-871-4587 Senior Specialist, Support
Bolanos, George 303-871-5118 Business Analyst I
Boutet, Darin Ross 303-871-2103 Senior Support Specialist
Brown, MarySue 303-871-3690 Business Analyst III
Bruning, Daniel Lawrence 303-871-2587 Lead, Application Developer
Busch, Jameson T. 303-871-4987 IT Support Specialist
Camarena, Brian 303-871-6562 Video Media Technician Lead
Carver, Mary C. 303-871-7012 Senior Support Specialist
Casson, William Harry (Bill) 303-871-2491 Digital Accessibility Specialist
Chandrasekar, Kirthika 303-871-6190 Business Analyst I
Chen, Shu-Chung Jenny (Jenny) 303-871-2100 Support Specialist
Craig, Cory 303-871-3739 Systems Engineer III
Davies, Joshua R. (Josh) 303-871-6116 Head of IT, MCE
Davis, Gail Marie 303-871-2606 Business Officer I
Doak, Brian Hugh 303-871-2100 IT Project Manager III
Dollar, Richard McKinley (Mickey) 303-871-7823 Senior Support Specialist
Dominguez, Daniel A. 303-871-2100 Support Specialist
Dugan, David T. 303-871-2100 Video Media Technician
Dunn, Josiah T. 303-871-4521 Business Analyst II
Duran, Carrie Michele 303-871-2676 Manager, Software Development
Esparza, Marcos Mathias (Marc) 303-871-2134 Application Developer III
Fischer, Daniel J. (Dan) 303-871-3960 Director, IT Customer Service
Fisher, Jill Nicole 303-871-2223 Manager, Software Adoption
Fisher, Tremayne Travis 303-871-2446 Video/Media Technician III
Flanary, Brent J. 303-871-4376 Network Wireless Engineer III
Foster, Benjamin Hugh (Ben) 303-871-2132 Manager, Business & Operations
Franklin, Thomas E (Tom) 303-871-2100 Business Analyst I
Garrett, Ryan Tyler 303-871-2262 Head of Information Technology, Graduate School of Social Work
Gillin-Malott, Bailey James 303-871-2008 Media Technician III
Goebel, Brent 303-871-2100 Manager, Digital & Technology Solutions
Gonzales, Michael Albert 303-871-2100 Senior Support Specialist
Hagen, Michael S (Mike) 303-871-2100 Application Developer I
Haymore, Susan 303-871-7653 Business Analyst III
Haywood, Katherine Thelma 303-871-4158 Software Adoption Specialist
Hemphill, Brian D 303-871-3256 Business Analyst I
Heredia, Joshua D 303-871-3409 Systems Engineer II
Higgins, Owen Scott 303-871-2967 Technical Support Lead
Hoenings, Gerald 303-871-7699 Business Analyst III
Hogue, Kent Kevin 303-871-2432 Manager, Intranet, Mobile & Integration
Horgan, Gregory Tyler (Greg) 303-871-3351 Systems Engineer II
Huckins, Paul Gore 303-871-2117 Systems Engineer III
Hull, Rosi Lauren 303-871-5197 Business Analyst I
Jackson, Franklin 303-871-2469 Director, Digital Media Services & AV Design Services
Jackson, Steven Matthew 303-871-3189 Media Technician III
Jacobson, Amy Katherine 303-871-2903 SalesForce Administrator III
Johansen, Brandon T. 303-871-3928 Network Engineer II
Jones, Chris Allen 303-871-3141 Systems Engineer III
Jones, Nathaniel James (Nate) 303-871-3341 Manager, Digital Media Services
Kannan, Vidya 303-871-3390 Application Developer III
Kaurloto, Russell (Russ) 303-871-2098 Vice Chancellor of Information Technology/CIO
Kauzlaric, James M 303-871-2100 Support Specialist
Kelley, Kevin Michael 303-871-4303 Computer Operator
Kovanda, Ivan Peter 303-871-2350 Systems Engineer II
Krems, Debra Lynn 303-871-3644 IT Project Manager III
Larson, Lucas A. (Luke) 303-871-3866 IT Support Specialist
Lerma, Nathaniel D (Lyric) 303-871-5131 Media Technician III
Lew, Marcelo 303-871-6523 Director, Cyber Security Operations
Libow, Ryan Scott 303-871-3146 Digital Media Technician III
Liguori Hernandez, Theresa 303-871-3152 Assistant Vice Chancellor, IT Customer Service
Logan, Ross D. 303-871-3108 Senior Support Specialist
Marks, Branford I 303-871-2139 Senior Support Specialist
Martin, Aaron J. 303-871-2100 Application Developer I
McClure, Patrick M 303-871-2100 Asset Manager
McCord, Ashley Marie 303-871-2848 Help Center Support Specialist
McElwreath, Angela Sylvia (Angie) 303-871-3714 Business Analyst III
Mikulis, Adam Paul 303-871-2958 Junior Application/Database Developer
Moitzfield, Darren 303-871-7440 Director, Business Analysis
Mott, Bruce M. (Mike) 303-871-3761 Network Engineer III
Muntean, Michael T. 303-871-5327 Manager, Data Center Services
Naidu, Tejdeep 303-871-5878 Database Administrator I
Nau, Matthew B. 303-871-2854 Database Administrator IV
Neubert, Jeffrey (Jeff) 303-871-2829 Manager, Network Operations
Numoto, Karissa Dawn 303-871-4334 Network Engineer I
Osoriolopez, Leonardo Esteban (Leo) 303-871-7822 Database Administrator II
Parker, Elizabeth 303-871-3808 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Budget & Admin Operations
Pendell, Paul Andrew 303-871-6505 Video Media Technician III
Pohkrel, Sumitra 303-871-3245 Database Administrator I
Porter, Sara Anne 303-871-2100 Systems Engineer III
Power, Ryan A. 303-871-2100 Systems Engineer III
Rajendran, Padma 303-871-2454 Director IT Network Operations
Ramu, Nithya 303-871-2256 Application Developer III
Rathke, Bryan 303-871-3489 Junior Application/Database Developer
Ravindran, Vidya 303-871-4627 Application Developer III
Reese, Gregory Scott (Greg) 303-871-3092 Director, IT Systems
Rinnert, Thomas W. 303-871-2001 Network Voice Engineer III
Riola, Paul 303-871-3894 Manager, IT Help Center
Roudik, Andrei 303-871-3299 Systems Engineer I
Rozum, Robin M 303-871-2167 Business Analyst I
Sayed, Haytham 303-871-2123 Senior Manager, Database Administration
Schrock, Korben Kraine 303-871-4898 IT Technology Support Specialist
Shah, Nirav Pravinkumar 303-871-2125 Application Developer III
Sheu, Yaw-Tyng Tim (Tim) 303-871-3519 Head, IT - RSECS
Shope, Walter Andrew (Drew) 303-871-3849 Manager, Systems Operations
Smith, Cedric Martin 303-871-3677 Application Developer I
Smith, Jesse Samuel Richer 303-871-4340 Application Developer II
Son, Ho Kun 303-871-5162 Network Engineer III
Staiert, John Paul 303-871-2009 Application Developer II
Stradley, Trever 303-871-2100 Support Specialist
Sweet, Nathan Jon 303-871-3535 Application Developer II
Tabibi, Farzad D. 303-871-3380 Network Engineer I
Taylor, Elizabeth 303-871-7775 Systems Engineer II
Tovbis, Gohar 303-871-2119 Executive Director, Enterprise Software Development
Vaidyanathan, Aparna 303-871-2100 Business Analyst II
Vajpeyi, Varun 303-871-2881 Wireless Network Engineer II
Westover, Lewis (Lew) 303-871-2092 Manager, Software
White, Evan J. 303-871-2100 Junior Developer

Institute for Philanthropy and Social Enterprise

Frank H. Ricketson Law Building Room 462A
2255 E Evans Ave
Denver CO 80210

Institutional Partnerships

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 310
Denver CO 80210

Institutional Research and Analysis, Office of

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 301
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Burke, Alexandra James (Allee) 303-871-7556 Evaluation Coordinator
Furno, Michael Anthony (Mike) 303-871-2361 Assistant Vice Provost, Institutional Research
Miller, Katia Jennifer 303-871-3474 Assistant Director of Program Assessment
Molieri, Anthony Clinton 303-871-2808 Institutional Research Data Scientist
Pattiz, Brian David 303-871-2381 Analyst, Institutional Research
Schroeder, Kathryn Irene (Katie) 303-871-7556 Assistant Director of Faculty Data Support
Siebrase, Benjamin E. (Ben) 303-871-3180 Director of Analytics and Senior Data Scientist

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

Administrative Office Building
2601 E. Colorado Ave 1st Floor
Denver CO 80210

Intellectual Property and Events

Daniel L. Ritchie Center
2201 E. Asbury St. Room 4227
Denver CO 80210

Internal Audit

Administrative Office Building
2601 E. Colorado Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Awokulehin, Opeyemi Anthonia (Ope) 303-871-6820 Senior Auditor
Deibert, Margaret Lane 303-871-7928 Senior Auditor
Wen, Tiffany 303-871-7928 Executive Director, Internal Audit

International Living and Learning Community

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

International Studies, Korbel School of

SIE Complex
2201 S. Gaylord St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Abdrabou, Ahmed Mohamed 303-871-3685 Teaching Assistant Professor
Aker, Katherine (Katie) 303-871-2221 Assistant Director, Scrivner
Archer, Kevin David 303-871-2559 Assistant Dean for External Programs
Archer, Kevin David 303-871-2559 Teaching Professor
Avant, Deborah 303-871-2332 Professor
Banman, James Warren 303-871-3173 Director of Finance and Operations
Barma, Naazneen 303-871-4920 Associate Professor
Barma, Naazneen 303-871-4920 Director, Scrivner Institute of Public Policy
Beckelheimer, Mayumi Kawafune 303-871-4416 Executive Assistant
Berry, Marie Elizabeth 303-871-4270 Associate Professor
Berry, Marie Elizabeth 303-871-4270 Director, Sie Cheou-Kang Cntr
Bories-Easley, Rae Ann 303-871-4854 Director, Career/Professional Development
Brewer, Sage C. 303-871-2545 Executive Assistant
Camba, Alvin Jason A. (Alvin) 303-871-2514 Assistant Professor
Chlela, Lynn 303-871-2324 Program Manager, Institute for Comparative and Regional Studies
Clemmons, Ajenai Shareece 303-871-6535 Assistant Professor
Das, Debak 303-871-4166 Assistant Professor
DeMartino, George 303-871-3089 Professor
DeMartino, George 303-871-3089 Co-Director, Global Economic A
Desai, Sachin Chintamani 303-871-2288 Teaching Associate Professor
Donnelly, Jack 303-871-2324 Professor
Epstein, Rachel 303-871-3843 Professor
Epstein, Rachel 303-871-3843 Senior Associate Dean for Rese
Feste, Karen A. 303-871-2418 Director, Int'l Security
Feste, Karen A. 303-871-2418 Professor
Forslund, Kevin J. 303-871-7894 Student Affairs Manager
Galemba, Rebecca 303-871-3591 Associate Professor
Gaylinn, Deborah (Debbie) 303-871-3400 Director, Graduate Student Affairs
Gehring, Keith M. 303-871-6218 Teaching Associate Professor
Gilbert, Alan 303-871-2547 Professor
Gjelsteen, Kristin 303-871-6608 Strategic Initiatives and External Engagement Manager
Goldfischer, David 303-871-2324 Associate Professor
Grabel, Ilene J. 303-871-2546 Co-Director, Global Economic A
Grabel, Ilene J. 303-871-2546 Professor
Griffith, Lewis K. 303-871-2550 Teaching Professor
Griffith, Lewis K. 303-871-2550 Associate Dean, Academic Prog
Grogan, Megan M 303-871-2324 Administrative Assistant, Center on American Politics
Holland, D. Lynn (Lynn) 303-871-3769 Teaching Professor
Ishay, Micheline 303-871-2313 Professor
Jensen, Kevin 303-871-3252 Enrollment Manager
Johnson, Sandy A. 303-871-6031 Assistant Dean of Undergraduat
Johnson, Sandy A. 303-871-6031 Teaching Professor
Johnson, Sandy A. 303-871-6031 Director of the Global Health Program
Jones-Sanpei, Hinckley Ann 303-871-6722 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Kabandula, Abigail 303-871-2210 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Kaplan, Oliver 303-871-2377 Associate Professor
Khan, Haider A. 303-871-4461 Professor
Kostadinova Law, Gergana 303-871-7713 Assistant Director of Employer Relations
Laird, Frank N. 303-871-4462 Associate Professor
Matfess, Hilary A. 303-871-6037 Assistant Professor
Matthews, Courtland H. 303-871-2548 Communications Manager
Mayer, Frederick (Fritz) 303-871-6338 Dean, Josef Korbel School
Mendez Barrientos, Linda E. 303-871-3662 Assistant Professor
Montgomery, Rebecca D 303-871-2324 Director of Democracy and Civil Discourse Initiatives
Montoya, Shanna 303-871-2324 Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
Moyer, Jonathan David 303-871-2443 Assistant Professor
Muyeba, Singumbe 303-871-2580 Assistant Professor
Neu, Kara 303-871-4638 Teaching Assistant Professor
Noble, Kristen Elizabeth 303-871-2324 Program Manager, DEI
Palma Chavez, Aron 303-871-2324 Business Coordinator I
Phanichpatom, Alana N. 303-871-4012 Associate Dean for Administration
Polliard, Jamie Lynn 303-871-2626 Internship Program and Office Manager
Reimer, Gabrielle Denise 303-871-3513 Enrollment Manager
Reis, Chen 303-871-7901 Clinical Associate Professor
Reis, Chen 303-871-7901 Director, Humanitarian Assist
Rhodes, Martin J. 303-871-3811 Professor
Rodriguez Caballero, Francisco R. 303-871-7414 Rice Family Professor of the Practice of International and Public Affairs
Rutherford, Heather 303-871-4834 Career Services Manager
Schmieder Hereau, Jill 303-871-7743 Assistant Dean for External Engagement
Schneider, Aaron 303-871-3601 Director, ICRS
Schneider, Aaron 303-871-3601 Professor and Leo Block Chair
Schneider, Aaron 303-871-3601 Degree Director, Development
Sigman, Rachel 303-871-4374 Assistant Professor
Sims, Kaitlyn Margaret 303-871-4195 Assistant Professor
Sisk, Timothy D. 303-871-2324 Professor
Taylor, Alice Y 303-871-2324 Global Justice Postdoctoral Fellow
Tennis, Katherine Hannah (Kate) 303-871-2237 Teaching Associate Professor
Thompson, Anne Marie Conzemius 303-871-2536 Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment
Tweedy, Shannon C 303-871-4474 Program Manager, Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative
Uttaro, Robert 303-871-2324 Teaching Associate Professor
Viotti, Paul R. 303-871-4960 Professor
Waller, Genevieve Anne 303-871-3608 Program Manager, Student Affairs
Worden, Stephanie 303-871-2324 Assistant Dean for Enrollment, Marketing and Communications
Zhao, Suisheng 303-871-2401 Executive Director, CCUSC
Zhao, Suisheng 303-871-2401 Professor
d'Estree, Claude P 303-871-6286 Teaching Professor
d'Estree, Tamra Pearson 303-871-6061 Interim Director of Global Env
d'Estree, Tamra Pearson 303-871-6061 Professor
d'Estree, Tamra Pearson 303-871-6061 Interim Global Environmental S

Internationalization, Office of

International House
2200 S. Josephine St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Dinger, Casey 303-871-4481 Executive Director for Internationalization
Gerber, Samantha 303-871-7861 SEVIS Coordinator and Advisor
Henry, Brian C. 303-871-3812 Program Manager, Office of International Education
Hilmersson, Malin S. 303-871-4478 Program Manager, Office of International Education
Johnson, Theresa L. 303-871-2371 Director of International Student & Scholar Services
Jorgenson, Erica E 303-871-5748 Assistant Director, Office of International Education
King, Thomas Blalock (Tom) 303-871-4258 Senior International Student Advisor, ISSS
Machisic, Danette Marie 303-871-3586 Program Coordinator
Marquez, Michael L. (Mike) 303-871-2091 Director of Business and Operations for Internationalization
Pettet, Katie Elaine 303-871-4626 Assistant Director, ISSS
Raychaudhuri, Uttiyo 303-871-4906 Vice Provost for Internationalization
Richards, Emily L 303-871-7781 International Student Advisor
Risch, Madelin E 303-871-4853 International Community & Programming Coordinator
Solomon, Daniel M. 303-871-4912 Program Manager
Stanton, Alisha Joycell 303-871-4909 Manager, Program
Volden, Emelee Patricia 303-871-4902 Director, Office of International Education
Weimer, Leasa 303-871-4372 Director for Strategic Partnerships