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Undergraduate Research Center

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Room 6
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Lorenzon, Nancy M. 303-871-2871 Director, UG Research Center

University College

University College (Josephine)
2211 S. Josephine St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Allen, Elisha M. 303-871-3689 Coordinator, Program
Batty, Mike S. 303-871-7960 Teaching Assistant Professor and Academic Director
Boettcher, Anita O. 303-871-1298 Manager of Business and Operations
Brogdon, Megan E. 303-871-2291 Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
Ceja Jr., Jerry W. 303-871-4146 Manager, DTI Program
Cicero, Brian R. 303-871-2291 Manager, Enrollment
Cragg, Cindy C. 303-871-7957 Director, Communication Program
Erisman, Jacob F. 303-871-2291 Manager, Enrollment
Fisher, David W. 303-871-2291 Executive Director of the Transportation Institute
Floyd, Kerry E. 303-871-2291 Designer, Instructional
Fox, Angie L. 303-871-2291 Designer, Instructional
Fox, Jared M. 303-871-4789 Specialist, Teaching & Learning
Friederichs, Allison 303-871-7854 Associate Dean & Teaching Associate Professor
Gallager, Christine 303-871-4745 Associate Director, Center for Professional Development
Gray, Monica C. 303-871-2291 Associate Director, Admission Systems
Gross, Andrea J. 303-871-4964 Director of Enrollment Management
Harris, Alecia 303-871-3746 Specialist, Student Support
Heriza, Chris J. 303-871-4785 Manager, Enrollment
Hick, Steven R. 303-871-2535 Professor of the Practice of GIS
Hill, John A. 303-871-2291 Academic Director and Teaching Associate Professor
Hutchison, Joseph .. 303-871-6471 Academic Director and Teaching Associate Professor
Jacob, Renae 303-871-2291 Executive Director, Center for Professional Development
Jeffers, Leanne C. 303-871-3550 Director, RIHEL Program
Joosten, Tracy K. 303-871-2291 Manager, Enrollment
Kennedy, Kathy 303-871-3483 Executive Director, RIHEL
Kite, Bobbie J. 303-871-6522 Healthcare Leadership Academic Director
Kite, Bobbie J. 303-871-6522 Assistant Dean, Academic Operations & Data
Kohntopp, Benjamin J. 303-871-2291 Designer, Instructional
Kruse-Crocker, Michelle M. 303-871-4826 Academic Director and Teaching Associate Professor
Kruse-Crocker, Michelle M. 303-871-4826 Interim Executive Director, DTI Curriculum
Lam, Ray C. 303-871-2376 Director, Web & IT Services
Lebel, Audrey M. 303-871-2291 Specialist, Student Services
Loftin, Debbie 303-871-3090 Assistant I, Administrative
Long, Michele D. 303-871-3195 Assistant Dean, Admissions & Student Services
Markle, Teri L. 303-871-4579 Assistant Dean, Business & Operations
McGuire, Michael J. 303-871-3518 Dean, University College
Medina, Lynda 303-871-2291 Assistant, Executive
Miranda-LaBella, Celinda 303-871-3945 Manager, Student Services
Nicholson, Chris L. 303-871-7582 Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management, Marketing, & Partnerships
Nowakowski, Arianna L. 303-871-2365 Academic Director & Teaching Assistant Professor
O'Grady, Allison 303-871-3935 Assistant Director, Teaching & Learning
O'Malley, Victoria E. 303-871-2291 Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Pares, Nicolas A. 303-871-2291 Specialist, Teaching & Learning
Parnell, Alexandria 303-871-6148 Counselor, Admission
Petitgot, Rachel E. 303-871-2291 Manager, Center for Professional Development Program
Phillips, Katelyn C. 303-871-3014 Manager, Enrollment
Ratcliffe, Barbe J. 303-871-3090 Executive Director, OLLI
Rayman, Jessica L. 303-871-2291 Manager, Enrollment
Rogers, Rachel K. 303-871-3342 Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of Healthcare Management Program
Rorman, Ali S. 303-871-2291 Counselor, Admission
Rose, Teddy R. 303-871-4965 Assistant Director of Enrollment Management
Rossi, David F. 303-871-3634 Manager, Enrollment
Ruge, Chelsie L. 303-871-2085 Assistant Director, Instructional Design
Sharpe, Mark D. 303-871-6077 Counselor, Admission
Sherry, Patrick 303-871-2495 Research Associate Professor
Shi, Jackie 303-871-2291 Academic Analytics Coordinator
Simmons, Will S. 303-871-4729 Manager, Enrollment
Singleton, Mandi R. 303-871-2291 Specialist, Teaching & Learning
Smith, Molly A. 303-871-7408 Academic Director and Teaching Assistant Professor
Smith, Molly A. 303-871-4179 Academic Director and Teaching Assistant Professor
Sorell, Connie J. 303-871-2291 Coordinator, Program- RIHEL
Stachelski, Jennifer M. 303-871-2291 Senior Program Manager
Stephens, Stacy A. 303-871-2291 Assistant Director, DTI Operations
Stillwagon, Charles S. 303-871-2291 Coordinator III, Business
Sullivan, Andrea H. 303-871-7981 Manager, Information
Swanson, Stephanie M. 303-871-2291 Manager, Enrollment
Talley, Becky S. 303-871-2291 Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications
Thomas, Ellie M. 303-871-2291 Specialist, Student Support
Thomas, Marcel 303-871-2291 Specialist, Academic Data & Quality
Thompson, Caroline M. 303-871-3505 Coordinator, Program
Twist, Peter J. 303-871-3697 Manager, Enrollment
Vardeman, Rachel M. 303-871-2291 Specialist, Student Support
Watson, Melanie T. 303-871-4054 Manager, Enrollment
Weide, Jeffrey L. 303-871-2291 Teaching Assistant Professor and Academic Director, Health Informatics Program
Wells, Lynn 303-871-2291 Director, Enrichment Program
Welty, Morgan A. 303-871-3857 Specialist, Student Services
Wilson, Cathie L. 303-871-3491 Teaching Assistant Professor
Winiarczyk, Ellen J. 303-871-2291 Teaching Assistant Professor

University Disability Services

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

University Events

Daniel L. Ritchie Center
2201 E. Asbury St. Room 4227
Denver CO 80210

University Honors Program

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 2
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Alfrey, Shawn H. 303-871-2035 Associate Director, Honors
Miller, Keith E. 303-871-7721 Director, Honors Program

University Libraries

Anderson Academic Commons
2150 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Abrams, Jeanne E. 303-871-3016 Professor and Curator of Beck Archives
Azzazi, Rahel Z 303-871-3145 Technician, Library Collections Procurement & Processing
Bekaye, Elijah T. 303-871-2430 Technician, Access Services
Bissinger, Merisa L. 303-871-3443 Director, Business & Operations
Bowers, Jenny L. 303-871-3707 Professor and Social Sciences Librarian
Brown, Christopher C. 303-871-3404 Professor, Reference Librarian and Government Documents Coordinator
Brown, Jenn E. 303-871-3447 Manager, Electronic Resources
Buller, Ryan 303-871-3418 Associate Professor, Access Services Librarian
Clark, Nancy K. 303-871-3958 Manager, Community Relations
Colahan, Ellwood P. 303-871-6427 Assistant Professor and Music & Performing Arts Librarian
Connolly, Meghan C. 303-871-3151 Supervisor, Reserves
Cox, Jenelys E. 303-871-6689 Manager, Institutional Repository & Application Support
Crowe, Katherine M. 303-871-7944 Associate Professor and Curator of Archive and Special Collections
Dawicki, Jil 303-871-6171 Technician III, Cataloging
Diedrich, Lisa 303-871-2007 Assistant, Executive
Duncan-Copeland, Carmone J. 303-871-3334 Assistant, Financial
Eastwood, Meg M. 303-871-4499 Assistant Professor and Science & Engineering Librarian
Elzi, Erin N. 303-871-3127 Associate Professor and Design & Discovery Librarian
Farrell, Bridget S. 303-871-3445 Associate Professor and Coordinator of Library Instruction and Reference Services
Forbes, Carrie L. 303-871-3407 Associate Dean for Student and Scholar Services and Professor
Gil, Esther L. 303-871-3707 Associate Professor and Business & Economics Librarian
Gypin, Lindsay A. 303-871-2486 Manager, Access Services
Hartline, Benjamin D. 303-871-7419 Coordinator, AAC Building
Harty, Liam P. 303-871-2840 Manager, Library Collections Procurement & Processing
Herring, Jeff T. 303-871-6421 Technician, Music Library
Hurst, Andrea C. 303-871-3433 Assistant Director, Facilities & Operations
Jones, Jessi A. 303-871-6356 Cataloging Technician III
Jones, Nancy N. 303-871-3884 Processor, Accessions & Archival Processing
Kaiser, Karen P. 303-871-3150 Technician, Access Services
Keeran, Peggy 303-871-3410 Professor and Arts & Humanities Librarian
Kelty, Elena E. 303-871-3431 Technician, Access Services
Kim, Hyo Jung 303-871-3768 Technician III, Cataloging
Kintgen, Mark A. 303-871-3486 Technician, Digital Collections Services
Kirchner, Brigitte N. 303-871-2976 Technician, Library Collections Procurement & Processing
Korfitzen, Kristen M. 303-871-3703 Specialist, Special Collections & Archives Reference Services
Kyner, Michelle 303-871-2497 Supervisor, InterLibrary Loan
Levine-Clark, Michael C. 303-871-3707 Dean, University Libraries
Maness, Jack M. 303-871-2277 Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Manion, Lani A. 303-871-2422 Specialist, Research Center Support
McClarence, Sho 303-871-3485 Technician, Library-Course Reserve Access Services
Perske, Sarah M. 303-871-6413 Supervisor, Music Library
Pettitt, Karl J. 303-871-3707 Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Catalog and Metadata Services
Pham, Kim 303-871-2285 Information Technologies Librarian
Proulx, Nathalie M. 303-871-4065 Archivist, The Dance Archive Reference
Rew, Caroline M. 303-871-6704 Supervisor, Hampden Center
Reyes, Fernando C. 303-871-3153 Senior Developer, Systems
Rippey, Doug D. 303-871-4951 Technician IV, Digital Collections Services
Rudy, Jaimie 303-871-3834 Technician, Access Services
Ruiz, Janette C. 303-871-7466 Technician IV, Cataloging
Rynhart, Jeff M. 303-871-3424 Programmer II, Systems
Solis, Denisse 303-871-3429 Librarian, Interim Digital Collections
Tarrant, Alice A. 303-871-6511 Coordinator, Digitization
Tharp, Shannon 303-871-7509 Collections & Content Management Librarian
Thomas, Katie B. 303-871-7909 Technician, Library Collections Procurement & Processing
Thompson, Darcy L. 303-871-4558 Supervisor, Stacks Maintenance
Trucks, Elia M. 303-871-3480 Assistant Professor and User Experience & Student Outreach Librarian
Villiere, Lisa M. 303-871-4150 Technician IV, Cataloging
Wright, Rebecca K. 303-871-3440 Supervisor, Circulation
Xavier, Zarin 303-871-3439 Supervisor, Night Access Services
Zeremariam-Craft, Dehab 303-871-3430 Specialist, Office Support

University of Denver Magazine

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 122
Denver CO 80210