DU Must Work to Protect the Most Vulnerable


Apryl Alexander, Faculty of Color Association co-chair
Rufina Hernández, Staff of Color Association representative
JoAnne Migaki, Joint Council president
Tom Romero, interim vice chancellor for diversity, equity and inclusion
Iden Sheng, Joint Council vice president

Faculty, staff and student leaders in DU’s continued work to foster diversity, equity and inclusion join in conversation to discuss the realities of intersectionality, the ways COVID-19 has exposed hidden inequalities, how to best to serve first-generation students, and the importance of leadership.

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It’s important for our decision makers to acknowledge, that although it may appear that we are all suffering the same—through the economic crisis, pandemic, and the social upheaval about killing black men and women—we are not all suffering the same.

Rufina Hernández

About the Speakers

Apryl Alexander

Dr. Apryl Alexander is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver (DU). She received her Psy.D. in clinical psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology with concentrations in forensic psychology and child and family therapy. She serves as director of the Forensic Institute of Research, Service, and Training (Denver FIRST) Outpatient Competency Restoration Program, which provides outpatient competency education and restoration for low-risk, court-ordered adult defendants and juveniles. Her research focuses on violence and victimization, forensic assessment, sexuality, and trauma-informed and culturally informed practice. Additionally, Dr. Alexander is also a community organizer with Black Lives Matter 5280 and a board member for the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center and the Colorado Criminal Defense Institute.

Rufina Hernández

Rufina Hernández re-joined the University of Denver Office as associate director of the Office of Equal Opportunity in 2016 and has extensive experience in the area of civil and human rights. She prepares and implements DU's Affirmative Action Plan, monitors the Plan’s commitments, and develops diversity training, recruiting and retention programs. She also currently serves as the ADA Coordinator for the University. Rufina graduated from Georgetown University Law Center and is a licensed Colorado attorney.

JoAnne Migaki

JoAnne is a sophomore majoring in marketing with minors in Japanese and leadership studies. As a Japanese Chinese American, JoAnne hopes to provide a safe space for all students as president of the Asian Student Alliance. 

Tom Romero

Dr. Tom I. Romero, II is the interim vice chancellor of diversity, equity and inclusion. He joined DU in 2010 as an associate professor of law and affiliated faculty member in the department of history. From 2013 to this past summer, he has served as the associate provost of inclusive excellence research and curricular initiatives and the director of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Study of (in)Equality (IRISE). In his interim role, Tom leads the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI) in coordinating, building upon, and amplifying all of DU’s DEI efforts. Tom is a nationally renowned legal historian of race relations in the American West. Tom is also a DU alum (’95 BA) and a proud member of the Latinx Alumni Association.

Iden Sheng

Iden Sheng is a second-year undergraduate student. They are currently working towards a dual-degree in Clarinet Performance and Mathematics with a minor in Biology. They are vice president of the Asian Student Alliance this year and a member of the Joint Council.


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