Student Perspective: What is DU Uniquely Positioned to Do?


Todd Adams, vice chancellor for student affairs
Ryan Hyde, president, Undergraduate Student Government
Melissa Levy, president, Graduate Student Government

The University of Denver’s new vice chancellor for student affairs, Todd Adams, joins student government leaders Ryan Hyde and Melissa Levy in conversation to talk about building community, the importance of wellness, and the power of passion and resilience.

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Resiliency is fundamental to what makes DU special.

Ryan Hyde

About the Speakers

Todd Adams

As vice chancellor for student affairs, Todd Adams will help shape a vital part of the DU student experience. He brings to DU a wealth of experience, including serving as associate vice president and dean of students at Northwestern for seven years as well as holding several leadership roles in student affairs at Duke. Todd is a highly respected and collaborative leader. He has built successful student-centered operations, and his vision and compassion for students is widely recognized and respected across the student affairs field. Todd earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and holds a doctorate from the Peabody School at Vanderbilt University.

Melissa Levy

Melissa is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology, focusing on Neuropsychology. She serves as the GSG president, striving to promote effective conversations, advance advocacy, and increase well-being for all graduate students at the University of Denver. Being born and raised in Colorado, Melissa decided to stay close to home for her education, receiving her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology (2017) at the University of Denver. Of course, this means some of her favorite pass-times include being in the great outdoors and cheering on the DU sports teams. As a mental health professional, Melissa's work is dedicated to the issues of social justice, mental/emotional balance, and community health.

Ryan Hyde

Ryan is the president of the DU’s Undergraduate Student Government.


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