Brand Guide

A good brand doesn’t change; it evolves. As the world of higher education continues to grow and reshape itself, so must our storied institution. The evolution of our brand allows us to look toward the horizon at new possibilities while never forgetting the impacts we’ve already made. 

Our brand captures the hearts and imaginations of those who wish to live a life of purpose. The standards found on this site support our team, partners and community across the world. This is the University of Denver. 

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Key Messages

Learn about our key differentiators and find boilerplate, equal opportunity messages and more.

Key Messages

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Voice & Brand Personality

Discover our brand voice and find tips on integrating it into your work and communications.

Voice & Brand Personality

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Get information on our most important audiences and how to best deploy the brand for each audience group.


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Our Differentiators

DU is a special community. Built and sustained by inspired and steadfast visionaries. But how do we tell the world? Although there are a million ways DU is different, four distinct, unique value propositions (UVPs) distill and uplift our brand. Already storied and supported by real outcomes with room for future growth, these themes, when used consistently, will enable us to clearly tell our story and shine a light on the great perspectives, programs and future offered at the University of Denver.  

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Our People

DU’s identity is its people–all its people. Our bright and motivated students, passionate and brilliant faculty, engaged and successful alumni, and talented and committed staff are all essential to the University. We celebrate diversity and aim to amplify voices from different cultures, perspectives and backgrounds.