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DU Homecoming celebration

Alumni Weekend 2019

Come celebrate with us

Join your fellow alumni from around the world for a celebration of you, featuring the best DU and Denver have to offer. From May 16 – 19 visit DU to enjoy a festival of food, drink, friendship and fun. Embrace the Colorado lifestyle at the Colfax Marathon, expand your palate through our Vin Dinner or hit the links at our annual alumni weekend golf tournament. All you need to do is get here!

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Native American food from restaurant Tocabe.
Cuisine & Community

Alumni Ben Jacobs and Matt Jones are working to address the severe lack of restaurants serving Native American food by fostering community, understanding and cultural exchange through their restaurant Tocabe.

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University of Denver alumnus Mohammad Javad Zarif
DU Alum Honored

University of Denver alumnus and Iran's minister of foreign affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif received the Chatham House Prize for his role in promoting international peace by helping limit Iran's nuclear capabilities.

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