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Perkins and Institutional Loans

Emergency Loans

Short term emergency loans are available to students who are experiencing temporary financial hardship.

The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible for an Emergency Loan:

  1. Students must be currently enrolled in University of Denver courses with registration confirmed.
  2. Loans will not be awarded to students in their first or last term or with past due balances on tuition accounts and/or loan accounts.
  3. Loans will be awarded on the basis of financial need as determined by the Bursar's Office and the terms of the loan fund.
  4. Loans cannot be used for budgeted monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, credit card payments, child care, etc. Emergency loans are for unexpected costs such as but not limited to medical or dental expenses, car repairs, and emergency family situations/costs. Loans may be denied due to insufficient proof of financial hardship or past payment history. 
  5. Loans are limited to $1,500, and the maximum length of a loan is three months. The interest rate on a loan is 7%. Loan terms will always comply with Federal, State, and Institutional Financial Aid regulations and policies.
  6. The repayment schedule will be determined in consultation with the student, and in accordance with the repayment abilities and financial need of the student. Repayment terms must always comply with Federal, State, and Institution Financial Aid regulations and policies.
  7. Information about, and applications for, an emergency loan can be obtained at the Bursar's Office located in University Hall - Room 223.

Obligations of the Borrower

  1. Borrowers must promptly notify the Bursar's Office if they change their name, address or phone number.
  2. Borrowers will be billed according to the repayment schedule. If a payment cannot be made on time, the borrower must contact the Bursar's Office at (303) 871-4944 prior to the payment due date to discuss payment options.
  3. The University of Denver reserves the right to extend the terms of this contract upon request for an additional charge of $25.
  4. Should a borrower default on a loan, the loan may be assigned to a collection agency. If this occurs, the borrower will be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees incurred.
  5. Delinquent loans may be reported to a national credit bureau. A hold will also be placed on the borrower’s academic record at the University. This hold will prevent course registration and the issuance of transcripts and diplomas. Additionally, late fees may be assessed to the loan.
  6. Where allowed by Federal, State, and University regulations and policies, tuition refunds are first applied to outstanding obligations owed to the University, including charges with future dates.

For further information contact the Bursar's Office at 303-871-4944