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Payment Options

Payment Plans

The University of Denver offers payment plan options to pay your tuition and fees. Quarterly payment plans are available for undergraduates & graduates. Semester plans are available for law students. The application fee is $20 per quarter plan and $30 per semester plan.

Important plan information

  • Sign up through DUPay once you receive your first bill for the term. Enrollment period ends on the 1st installment due date.
  • The application fee is non-refundable.
  • Installment amounts will automatically adjust if additional charges or credits are added to a student account. An email will be sent after any adjustment is made.
  • Late fees of 1.5% may be assessed on any installments 30 days or more past due.

  • Release of transcripts/diploma is restricted until the entire plan amount and account balance are paid in full.
  • Payment plan must be paid in full to register for subsequent terms.

Undergraduate/Graduate Quarterly Payment Plan

Fall Quarter

Pay 1/2 - September 1st
Pay the other 1/2 - October 1st

Winter Quarter

Pay 1/2 - January 1st
Pay the other 1/2 - February 1st

Spring Quarter

Pay 1/2 - April 1st
Pay the other 1/2 - May 1st

Summer Quarter

Pay 1/2 - June 1st
Pay the other 1/2 - July 1st

Law Student by the Semester Payment Plan

Fall Semester

Pay 1/4 - August 1st
Pay 1/4 - September 1st
Pay 1/4 - October 1st
Pay 1/4 - November 1st

Spring Semester

Pay 1/4 - January 1st
Pay 1/4 - February 1st
Pay 1/4 - March 1st
Pay 1/4 - April 1st

Summer Semester

Pay 1/2 - June 1st
Pay the other 1/2 - July 1st