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Direct Deposit

The Bursar's Office offers direct deposit of student refunds. You may sign up through PioneerWeb.

  1. Sign into PioneerWeb
  2. Select Student Tab
  3. Locate My Statement section in the center of the page
  4. Select Direct Deposit Information
  5. Select Insert New
  6. Enter Bank account information, please refer to a CHECK to fill out the bank routing number and account number information.
  7. Check the Student Refund/Accounts Payable box
  8. Once complete, select Save

All refunds due to the student will be direct deposited to the bank account indicated on the sign up screen.

Refunds are generated on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most banks will process your direct deposit refund within 1-2 business days.

Students must have a valid active address on file in order for any refund to be processed.

Refunds will be available AFTER the dates found on the Financial Aid Refunds page.

Please note- Even if you already receive your Workstudy/Payroll by direct deposit, you must set up a separate Student Refund/Accounts Payable authorization to receive your student refund by direct deposit.
You may cancel direct deposit of Student/Accounts Payable Refunds at anytime by filling out the Direct Deposit ACH Cancellation Form and returning the form in person to the Bursar's Office. You must have both the cancellation form AND your student ID to process the request. Faxes will not be accepted.
Please make sure your DU email address is correct and that you check your email regularly. All direct deposit correspondence will be sent to your DU email address.

*Important information:
By filling out the account information and pressing the "save" button you are authorizing the University of Denver to make payment of any amounts owed to you by initiating credit entries to your account at the Bank so indicated. You are also authorizing the Bank to accept any credit entries initiated by the University of Denver and to credit all such entries to your account without liability of the correctness of the entries. If any erroneous credit is made to your account, the University of Denver and the Bank are authorized to stop payment and reverse the entry or make adjustments necessary to correct the erroneous entry.

The University of Denver will terminate the agreement if it is unable to deposit funds to the account.