An Incredible Education.
Life-defining Experiences. 

Every student comes to the University of Denver with a unique set of skills and interests. And they look to their college experience to serve as a springboard for meaningful lives and careers. This reality—our students’ individuality, their desire for a sense of purpose and the rapidly changing world—is what makes our Four Dimensional (4D) Experience so impactful.  

The DU 4D Experience means our students receive an exceptional education, in the classroom and out. Our world-class faculty guide them through their academic journey, and they engage in learning outside of the classroom through an array of customizable extracurricular programming—each an opportunity to reframe and apply all they learn while making lifelong friendships. What’s more, throughout their time at DU, our students receive guidance from a network of mentors and advisors.  

From our inspiring James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus, to the classrooms, labs and studios at our bustling urban campus, on the field, mat, pool or rink, in our Burwell Center for Career Achievement, health and counseling center, and in our state-of-the-art residence halls and community spaces—DU students enjoy opportunities to learn, connect with others and discover the unique role they play in building a stronger, better future for all.  

This is the 4D Experience. This is the University of Denver. 

Learning, for the Difference

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4D Experience

By empowering resilient, driven students in an intentional, co-curricular environment, our model for education connects passions and purpose through a four-year curated experience where students build educational pathways alongside invested mentors.

4D Experience

kennedy mountain campus

James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus

A cornerstone of our Four-Dimensional Experience, the Kennedy Mountain Campus is where all DU students will find a unique and inspiring place to reconnect with themselves, make lifelong friendships and discover the skills they need for the lives and careers they desire.  

Kennedy Mountain Campus

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Civil Discourse at DU

Across the University, faculty, students, and staff are thinking big about how we can all engage more thoughtfully, authentically, and respectfully with one another—and with experts and thinkers outside the University of Denver campus. This work serves us as a community. It makes us more welcoming and inclusive by opening pathways for voices and ideas from all backgrounds, so that we might learn from experiences and perspectives we don’t personally share. And it makes our students better able to thrive—now, but also once they graduate, as they enter a world not defined by its intellectual, political, and cultural homogeneity, but by its bountiful diversity.

Civil Discourse at DU

“DU is rebooting the student experience by retaining the engagement students yearn for while being intentional about the skills they need to build lives of purpose.”

Chancellor Haefner Installation Ceremony, 2021
Jeremy Haefner

Carbon Neutral
by 2030

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The University of Denver has set a bold goal. We will reach carbon neutrality by the end of this decade. We will realize this goal through our creativity and relentless determination to build a better world and a better future for our students. While lead by our Center for Sustainability, this work will require the enthusiasm and commitment of entire DU Community.  


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Action Plan

Our action plan was created to address long-asked-for and meaningful changes at DU. In this important work, there is always more to do, but we are proud of how far we have come—most especially during one of the most challenging and fraught years in recent memory.

DEI Action Plan Updates

Community + Values

DU is exploring what it means to be an academic community. We will create and participate in collective experiences while striving to understand how best to evolve our culture and systems and re-examine our values. 

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