Nineteen: Congrats, Class of 2020 and Thank You, DU

The Monday following a commencement weekend always conveys a sense of peace.

Though students, faculty and staff have scattered, our campus innately knows that another academic year has come to a close, and that DU has set forth its next generation of outstanding graduates who are equipped to make a consequential dent in the universe.

graduates and family at commencement

Despite the chaos around us, this Monday is no different. In fact, we take extra pride in knowing that our students graduated not only with great academic credentials, but also with a powerful set of experiences and competencies that will empower them to conquer whatever crises they face. And while our digital Day of Recognition was different than our traditional commencement, we nonetheless had a collective experience that will be long remembered by our graduates and their loved ones. And, for more than 320 graduates who experienced in-person photographs in front of Mary Reed Hall, the day was all the more moving. With the Denver Brass providing the backdrop, it was a hopeful and emotional moment. Our new graduates, who were shaped by this community, will accomplish great things.

I close with gratitude and thanks. To our faculty and staff, I am so grateful for your dedication, your commitment, and your hard work to contribute to our students’ success. You showed our students that our dedication to them is stronger and more durable than the pandemic we face. Without you, this University would not exist. So, thank you—faculty and staff—for all that you’ve done to get us here today.

Jeremy Haefner