September 2019

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And just like that, the first 10 days of fall quarter are behind us.

It’s great to see our students back on campus in full force studying in the Anderson Academic Commons, training on the fields and in Ritchie, taking it easy in the hammocks and Adirondack chairs.

orientation audience

It’s wonderful as well to welcome back to campus our faculty members. Truly, there are few places as vibrant as a beautiful campus like DU in the fall.

For me, and I hope for many of you, the past two weeks have been deeply energizing. The events of orientation week were particularly meaningful because they reaffirmed something important: I’m so proud to be here, working and learning among you all.

When I attended move-in day for our first-year and transfer students, pride was abundant in our new students and their families. They were thrilled to be here, to be a part of this community, to live on this campus, to grow alongside their peers, and learn from this institution’s esteemed educators. They see DU as the place to build their futures. Their confidence should serve as a constant North Star as we define and accomplish our goals.

So, as we settle in our familiar—and yet, never dull!—school-year routines, I hope we all do so with a palpable sense of pride in our work, studies, and efforts. What we’re doing here, together, matters. I also want to share some stats about our newest group of students.

Welcome, Class of 2023!


U.S. states are represented

(Everyone, tell their friends and family in Mississippi and North Dakota what a great school DU is so we can hit all 50 next year!)


traveled more than 500 miles


countries are represented


come from out of state


are first-gen college students

Mary Reed

You might wonder what has the Chancellor been up to? I’ve been meeting with lots of friends of the university—some old, some new—to share the great progress we’re making on DU IMPACT 2025. This is an enjoyable part of my new role as I learn what is exciting to them and how to engage them more deeply with the University. 

I’ve also enjoyed visiting a number of units across campus. As you may know, Provost Lengsfeld and Vice Chancellor Rinehart and I are visiting all the divisions in order to share some important information about the changing landscape of higher education (which I’ll discuss at Monday’s all-campus event, as well). The interaction with faculty, staff, and students has been robust, and we have learned a lot. Thank you to the groups who have let us come in, and I look forward to visiting more in the coming months.

Finally, I’d like to remind you about a major campus event coming this next Monday, Sept. 23 at 2 p.m. in Davis Auditorium. At The Relay, I and several faculty, staff, and student leaders will present our vision for the coming year. I hope you’ll join us for the presentations and the reception afterward.

I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us this year. I’m confident we’ll have even more reasons to be proud of this exceptional community. 


Jeremy Haefner

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