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Update: Healthcare Working Group

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University of Denver

Meeting Held June 17, 2020

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Attendees: Gregg Kvistad, Corinne Lengsfeld, Jeremy Haefner, Chris Short, David Odell, Eric Chess, JB Holston, Jerron Lowe, Karen Riley, Karlton Creech, Lloyd Moore, Nancy Lorenzon, Stephanie O’Malley, Michael Talamentes, Michelle Moreau, Tiffany Vermillion, Paul Chan

Welcome and Chancellor Update: (Chancellor Haefner)

The RFI has been sent out to five providers: Centura Health, Paladina, Health One/HCA, Kaiser Permanente, and National Jewish. The responses will allow us to make an informed decision on partnerships, not just for fall, but for long-term COVID management.

New developments and technologies for testing and tracking are emerging daily, such as the University of Illinois recently announcing a saliva test with rapid results.

Chancellor Haefner asks group to provide a recommendation by July 15; however, recognizes the details will likely still need be ironed out. This announcement will be very reassuring to our community.

Update from Contact Tracing Subgroup (Karen Riley):

  • Group formed last week, Dean Karen Riley is chairing.
  • Moving quickly, have participated in several demonstrations from providers this week, should be done by the end of next week.
  • Next meeting is June 25 to review.
  • Assembling a matrix to allow for apples to apples comparison of options.
  • Reviewing several options (app-based, Bluetooth, sensors, digital-only and digital/analog combo).
  • Reviewing package arrangements to make sure we are only purchasing what is needed.
  • Likely human element in contact tracing (trusted community members making calls, etc.) will be crucial for building trust from community.
  • Privacy considerations have come in from all providers. Sub-group is looking at pros and cons of all services and being very mindful of privacy concerns regarding data.
  • JB Holston suggested group connects with Denver Public Health authority soon as they must grant approval to process for contact tracing done on campus. Stephanie O’Malley has several contacts in Health Authority and will assist with this process.
  • Many vendors have commented that DU is furthest along in terms of planning, which is great news.


Next Steps (Gregg Kvistad)

  • Group reviewed Johns Hopkins Self-Assessment document.
  • This group is working closely with other task forces preparing for fall opening.
  • Next step – working on communication plan for campus, will discuss further at next meeting.
  • Interim Provost Lengsfeld already has communicated with President of USG and GSG. Plans to meet with additional governance groups soon to outline where we are in process.


Adjourned 3:29pm