Autism and Neurodiversity Acceptance Month: Spreading Awareness, Promoting Acceptance

C+V Community Talk in Partnership with Heritage Months

In April we are celebrating Autism and Neurodiversity Acceptance Month as well as World Autism Awareness Day which was on April 2. More than 5 million Americans live with autism and yet there are still many of these individuals who experience inequities in employment, housing, and income. How can we as a community raise awareness and promote acceptance to ensure changes are made to improve the quality of life for neurodiverse individuals and their families?

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Thursday, April 21, 2022 | 11:30 am-2:00pm

New this year! For our Heritage Months partnership events, community members can gather for a Community Viewing of the webinar in-person and post-event debrief after the event in Community Commons - Room 3701 (North).

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Featuring Panelists:

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Jesse Ruderman
Executive Functioning Coach, Learning Effectiveness Program, University of Denver

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    Jesse Ruderman supports Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) students with the development of executive functioning skills vital to academic success. at the University of Denver. Previously, Jesse was the Director of College Living Experience, Denver, where he lead a specialized staff in support of nerodiverse learners with their independent living, social skill development, and academic or career trajectories. Jesse was also a professor of English at Metropolitan State University Denver.

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Chyna Sweigart
Senior Undergraduate Student, University of Denver 

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    Chyna is a senior undergraduate student with a major in psychology and minors in English and Criminology. I am the president of the Neurodiversity Resource Group. Chyna works as a Peer Educator and with the department of teaching and learning in the Student Faculty Partnership Program.

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Alex Welch
Sophomore Undergraduate Student, University of Denver 

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    I am a sophomore at DU, from Naperville, Illinois. I am autistic. My hobbies include going for walks (or bike rides in the summer), writing, playing videogames, and sometimes TV and movies.