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C+V Declaration

At the University of Denver, we are steeped in the belief that DU has the responsibility and power to:

  • Solve complex problems
  • Engage multiple perspectives
  • Nourish democracy
  • Foster greater belonging
  • Show compassion beyond boundaries
  • Shape the future of our world

We also believe that DU has yet to fully activate that power.

We have heard our community and are mindful of the experiences that divide, isolate and stand in the way of OneDU: 

  • We, the University of Denver, exist in a world charged with emotions that range from fear to passion, indignation to inspiration.
  • More often than we would like, we feel exhausted and lonely.
  • We feel connected to some pieces of DU, but not to the whole.
  • We’re a complex system of schools, departments and various layers of hierarchy, and we can be tentative and self-protective in our collaborations with one another.
  • We have been hurt by inequity and divided by words, yet we yearn for a greater sense of belonging.
  • Many of us are not sure we have a seat at the tables where we long to be.
  • Some of us feel we cannot share who we are and what we believe without retribution.

AND STILL, we will not be defined by these experiences because the world needs us to show up and play a leading role in determining the future of work, higher education and community in the 21st century. We are at a moment in history where, as a nation and as a higher education institution, we are called to reimagine everything. And so, we shall.