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In order to serve the community and help you stay connected, we have compiled a list of resources below. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it serves as a starting point for connection, conversation, and support at DU. If there is anything we can help you find, or if you have any further questions, please email us at


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Check out our new Navigating the Moment Resource Hub!

A C+V Initiative

To honor individual and communal wellness through these times, C+V is excited to announce the launch of the Creatively Navigating Resource Hub, a C+V initiative designed to share and uplift opportunities for the DU community for mindfully, creatively, bravely, and compassionately navigating these challenging times together, as a community.

The C+V team is looking to the future with hope. We recognize that the world is facing a significant number of challenges, but as we all continue to manage the circumstances of this time, we are encouraged by the community we see – one that is diligently concerned with supporting one another and committed to reflection, analysis, and action.

As global community members engaging with the world and our role(s) in it, we can become emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically overwhelmed. This initiative will serve as a resource hub for DU that will highlight ways to engage and build community while focusing on our wellness as we continue to traverse these changing times. This information will be constantly evolving and updated over time. If you are interested in sharing an opportunity, or if you have any questions, please email

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Creative Expression

Throughout this past year, it has at times felt like creative expression was lost to the virtual, quarantined world -- however, we know it is not. We know it is critical to sharing in community with others as we make it through. This page includes resources to provide community members with opportunities to move, learn, reflect, create, and more in community together in unique ways. 

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Mental Health & Mindfulness

Battling virtual fatigue? Feeling disconnected from your community? This page provides resources that are actively focusing on how you can practice mental wellness and mindfulness in community with others during these times. Reach out to fellow community members –a colleague, friend, or classmate – and find support and reset together.

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SJE & DU DialogUes Present: Having Difficult Conversations

What a task it is to provide resources on having difficult conversations. We talk to people all the time, but do we actually have conversations? This page discusses how to share, create, and connect. Sharing thoughts, opinions, beliefs, fears, or optimistic views helps create new perspectives and ideas, and ideally, more understanding. We believe this, in turn, sets the stage for deeper levels of connection and growth for individuals and groups alike.

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Combatting Zoom Fatigue

This page provides resources that are focused on how you can combat Zoom fatigue and find different ways to virtually connect. The C+V Team recognizes that Zoom is an incredibly useful tool but that Zoom fatigue is real. We provide options for community members to learn more about Zoom fatigue and alternatives to still connect with fellow community members.

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Compassion Fatigue & Mindfulness: A Community One-Pager Resource

Our community has endured a lot over the past year, and we found ourselves juggling multiple roles at once with a never-ending list of tasks, all while trying to maintain some balance in our life. It is more important than ever to prioritize our mental health and practice self-care. In partnership with IEE, C+V wants to offer a resource guide to help our community cope with the overwhelming sense of fatigue and adopt mindfulness practices. Please share this PDF with your communities as a resource and tool!

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Additional DU Resources


Stay Up to Date with DU

  • FAQ acronym

    COVID-19 website

    Find up-to-date information, FAQs, resources, and recent messages for students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, families, and friends.


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    DU Newsroom

    Read coverage of DU’s people, events and programs as we navigate these unique times as a community



Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Resources

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    Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) Information and Resources

    Looking for DU event information and resources with regard to DU’s response(s) to the current acts of racism and protest nationwide? ODEI’s website will serve as a clearing house of information for the DU community.  If you would like to submit an event or resources on ODEI's page, please email the information to


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    Social Justice Education (SJE) Information and Resources

    Social justice events and resources to learn more and take positive action.


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    Inclusive Teaching Practices

    Through this site, we invite you to advance your praxis, create dynamic courses, remove barriers to learning, and dismantle oppressive practices by implementing inclusive pedagogies. Explore critical diversity considerations that shape higher education in real-time, read academic articles, visit suggested websites, and watch recommended TED talks and videos.


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