DU Story Mosaic: Sharing Stories, Building Community

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In our C+V declaration, we declare our intention to “engage multiple perspectives and foster greater belonging.”

The DU Story Mosaic is a cross-campus collaboration that recognizes the incredible power of storytelling. Modeled after the Human Library and building on our C+V Community Voices work, this initiative aims to bring together the entire DU Community to engage in a meaningful exchange of our unique stories. Our hope is that community members listen, learn from each other, and practice reflection to experience personal growth in the process. We also seek to inspire change within our organization through storytelling.  

The DU Story Mosaic will offer participants the opportunity to share stories through a variety of creative expressions, such as one-on-one and group conversations, spoken word, art, and poetry, both publicly and anonymously, to cultivate an embodied community experience where everyone can feel safe to be vulnerable and their authentic selves.

Born out of the Experience Pathway, C+V and our DU community is making it a mission to gather the stories of the people we work, study, and live with to share our stories. There is power in a person’s story—in their culture, background, and experiences. These stories help us to understand the different experiences of people on our campus and how we can take action steps to ensure DU is a welcoming and inclusive place for all. 

Many of our DU community members have already responded with bravery and a willingness to share, and we are honored to feature their voices in our DU Story Mosaic. We intentionally have created this space for our community. We want to emphasize that we encourage all of those listening to these stories to practice active listening, compassion, and empathy. This project is meant to honor and recognize that each individual’s story is unique to them, and this is not meant to be a space for conflict, but rather, a place for learning from one another in our community and creating connection so that we can begin to create a deep sense of belonging at DU for all.

We commit to continuing our efforts to capture our students, faculty, staff, and alumni stories. And it’s more essential than ever to feel belonging and to bond through our shared values and unique experiences.

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DU Story Mosaic: Learn More on Digication

Our Story Mosaic lives in Digication. Digication is the online ePortfolio tool selected by the University that allows students, faculty, and staff to create and view digital portfolios and projects. The Digication team believes people learn better when they are part of a community where they can be seen, be heard, and be recognized - this is why we will be using this platform for our DU Story Mosaic.

DU community members with an active du.edu accounts can log into Digication and view mosaic details and past stories. This is where all of our stories and guidelines will live. 

If you would like to begin working within Digication, go to the Digication page via the button below, click the Login button in the upper right, then use your DU email address and password to access the platform. If you experience any login issues or need additional help with creating your portfolio in Digication, please contact IT at support@du.edu.  

Click Here to Visit the Story Mosaic (DU login required)

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Share Your Story

If you are interested in sharing your story* or if you have any questions, please email communityplusvalues@du.edu to connect.

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*Storytellers are given the options to either consent or not consent to: 1. Video and/or audio recording, 2. Sharing their story community wide, and 3. Sharing anonymously. Our main priority is to ensure you feel safe as a storyteller. If you have any questions, please email us at CommunityPlusValues@du.edu.