Ways to Get Involved with C+V

Build community, take action, get involved!

Community + Values is the focused and empathic work we are doing as a community, to strengthen ourselves from within. We work in partnership with the community to create a greater sense of shared values and belonging. We invite you to explore the ways to get involved below! Your voice and your heart belong in this work. DU is your home, and our goal is to always work authentically in partnership with the DU community to make sure it feels like home to all.

Build Community

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Attend a C+V program or event

Throughout the year, C + V hosts events, speakers, webinars, and discussions and carries out various initiatives to create connections and build a sense of belonging at the University of Denver. C + V is works to create programs and events that help our community feel connected and supported. 

C+V Events, Initiatives & Updates
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Get connected to C+V

Get connected through our C+V email list and social media channels! 

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Share your story through Community Voices

C+V has made it a mission to gather the stories of the people we work, study, and live with to share our community's voices. There is power in a person’s story—in their culture, background, and experiences. These stories will help us to understand the different experiences of people on our campus and how we can take action steps to ensure DU is a welcoming and inclusive place for all.

Sign up to share your story

Take Action

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Nominate someone for a You Rock! Award

The Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs (VPFA) team launched the You Rock! Awards (with a tip of the hat to Morgridge College of Education) across campus for faculty and staff, and through a partnership with VPFA, C+V, HRIC, SAIE, and Advancement, Alumni Engagement, the program is expanded so that anyone in our community can now nominate another community member for an award! Whether student, staff, faculty, alum, parent, or friend, all of DU can recognize one another for their small and larger accomplishments. Nominate someone today to reinforce appreciation and kindness throughout the DU community.

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Give feedback or a comment

C+V is a community led initiative, and we want to hear from the DU community on what we can do to fulfill our mission and best serve the people of DU. Share feedback and comments with our on how we can improve our work or what we can continue to do to be a support at DU.

Send feedback & comments
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Share a resource with the DU community

Have a resource that you think will help the DU community? Share them with our C+V team, and we will post them on our Resources page and share them with community members! These can focus on mental health, engagement opportunities, programs for community members, and more. If you wish to share something on our page, email us below!

Share a resource

Get Involved

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Join our Steering Committee or present at a meeting

Our Steering Committee works with our community to determine the direction of Community + Values. Our diverse range of perspectives allows us to take a holistic view of our approach and ensure maximum impact. Want to join our committee or present at a meeting? Email us below!

Email us for more information
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Have an idea for an initiative or project at DU?

C+V is all about challenging the ways things have been done and reworking things to be better for our community! Do you have an idea for an initiative or project at DU that can help the community feel a greater sense of belonging and inclusion? Nothing is too big or too small, we just want to make a difference in the DU community.

Email us your idea today