Community Coffee Hours—Fall Quarter


The C+V initiative launched their first event(s) of the year with Community Coffee Hours earlier this month. Santiago burritos, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea were given to students, staff, faculty, and administrators across campus to engage in meaningful dialogue about their sense of belonging on and around campus. 


DU community members were asked to participate in a heat map activity where they placed a pin on a map of DU answering the questions: Where do you feel the most sense of belonging on campus? Where do you feel a sense of community on campus? 


We had over 400 participants engage with the activity and had meaningful dialogue of what the initiative could look like for the rest of the year. Community members were given sticky notes with statements of “I appreciate you because…” and “You add value to DU because…” with an encouragement to write notes for their peers, faculty, or other community members.