Community Coffee Hours—Winter Quarter


The C+V initiative hosted their Winter Coffee hours twice this quarter. The coffee hours are meant to have dialogue with the community on certain topics that pertain to the DU community. 


This quarter, in response to current events surrounding gender-based violence and the #WeCanDUBetter campaign, we asked the community, What does safety mean to you; What or whom makes you experience safety; and what do you want to tell us that we haven’t asked you? We had the community also engage in a heat map activity that asks, where do you feel safety on campus? 


We had over 100 community members engaged in the coffee hours. From the questions, themes emerged surrounded a need for more blue light emergency stations, training on trauma and responsiveness, and concerns about walking around on the urban campus at night. Community members further voiced that friends, family, collegial groups, and an inclusive and diverse community assist in making their experience of safety positive.