C+V Launch Lunch


On April 26th, DU kicked-off the Community + Values initiative with over 500 faculty, staff and students brainstorming over lunch, as well as community members could participate online.


Attendees worked at individual tables to identify moments that foster a sense of belonging and actions that help people create the community they desire. Online community members could also answer the questions online.


From these table conversations, over 600 notes were collected. To see a recap of the event and a synthesis of the notes collected, see below:


In introducing the community + values initiative, Chancellor Emerita Rebecca Chopp called on faculty, staff, students and alumni to lend their voices and energy to composing a collective narrative and creating a greater sense of shared values and belonging. “Most people at DU have communities — with a small c — that they belong to,” she told an audience of roughly 520 people gathered at Magness Arena for the kickoff. “But what people are hungry for is community with a big C.” Getting to a big C community will require collaborative, sometimes messy work.

Chopp at podium in front of crowd

Going forward, Haefner and Ann Ayers, dean of the Colorado Women’s College, will guide the next steps. Chopp will continue to serve as an advisor to the project.