Welcome Back from C+V!

Dear DU Community, 

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. Students have moved into dorms and apartments. They are sitting down in classrooms and convening online. For the first time in months, people are running, walking, and socializing on campus (with masks and distance #DUYourPart). Faculty and staff are welcoming students they've missed so much and working with colleagues not just on planning for a new reality, but giving it a go. 

This moment always brings excitement and nervousness, but in this unforgettable year of 2020 we have so many more emotions. 

There is gratitude for the opportunity to gather again in person and virtually. But we do know there is fear; fear of getting sick or getting others sick, dread of needing to isolate again and what that means, exhaustion from seven months of pedal-to-the-medal planning, coping, enduring and wondering, and more. It can be exhausting and draining at times. However, there is relief that there are safety protocols, and we feel pride that DU has created a way for us to be together in person, and there is hope because we know that adventure and new horizons lie ahead.

Whatever does come our way, here's what we know for sure: We’re in it together. We are glad to be here and glad that you are back - here, at DU, the #80 ranked college in the United States (did you catch that bit of news to last week?!), in spectacular Colorado. Virtually and in person, we've witnessed over the past seven months that the above all else, the DU community is resilient, persistent, and committed to one another.

C+V was launched in the spring of 2019 first and foremost to serve you. It’s our goal to help EVERYONE in our community connect more profoundly to and within DU. We work to provide experiences, events, and information that are relevant to you, will elevate you and turn up the volume on your voice, and will weave us ALL more together in the fabric of the DU community. 

To date, our Steering Committee of 30+ people from all corners of DU has worked to address and elevate a variety of topics that are on the minds and hearts of our community. Additionally, our C+V Graduate Fellow team has partnered with the Steering Committee to complete this important work (We are excited to introduce you to our 2020-2021 C+V Graduate Fellows, Dil, LaNaya, and Matt!).

We are a safe and brave space where we can wrestle with tough topics, celebrate community and individual wins, soothe and solve problems, create and bring ideas to life, and where ALL are welcome. 

Please check out opportunities to get involved below. We also invite you to fill out this survey letting us know what you need and want from C + V. As always, if you have any questions, please email us at CommunityPlusValues@du.edu.

Here's to an unprecedented and successful year – however you measure your success. Let's fasten our seat belts, wear our masks, and take care of one another. It’s bound to be a wild ride!

With gratitude for you all,
The C+V team

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    Virtual Events & Webinars

    This fall we are planning numerous virtual events and webinars around intentional community building, resilience and growth mindset, community storytelling, and more.

    Join us for our next upcoming event on 10/1 from 2:30-4:00 pm, How to Build Intentionally Community, a partnership event with 4-Dimensional Experience. 


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    C + V Community Voices Initiative

    We will continue to amplify and elevate the stories and voices of our community to create a stronger sense of belonging for all at DU through highlighting these experiences and narratives.


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    Inclusive Teaching Practices Website

    Through a partnership with C+V and OTL, Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave, PhD launched the website to solve complex problems, engage multiple perspectives, foster greater belonging, show compassion beyond boundaries, and shape the future of our world.


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    You Rock Awards

    Visit the C+V You Rock! web page to nominate someone today for a You Rock! Award and to see the community members who were given a shout out in August.


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    In order to serve the community and help you stay connected, we have compiled a list of resources. Visit our page to find resources about COVID, DEI, political programming, and more.