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Block by Block: Looking to the Future of Blockchain

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Community + Values

A C+V Symposium

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Over 60 community members and Denver experts joined the second part of the 2022 - 2023 C+V Symposium Series on Blockchain on May 2, 2023. DU faculty and staff members, students, alumni, and industry experts joined the event to discuss the future of Blockchain in different fields. Speakers discussed the ways that blockchain technology is transforming various industries such as finance, the arts, supply chain management, healthcare, real estate, higher education, and more. And this transformation has only just begun!

View the entire event along with the each speaker's special presentation on blockchain below.

Download the symposium resource handout

This Community + Values Symposium was planned in partnership with: Office of the Provost; College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences; Daniels College of Business; Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science; University College; Entrepreneurship@DU; Employer Connections, Advancement; DU Student Web3 Club; Sustainability Council

C+V Blockchain Symposium Part II | Full Symposium

Hear from the experts!

Ethical Consideration for Blockchain Design & Implementation

Wendy Charles headshot photo

Dr. Wendy Charles
Chief Scientific Officer, BurstIQ
Faculty Member, Information and Communications Technology

University College, University of Denver

Dr. Wendy Charles explored the ethical implications of using blockchain technology and how blockchain can be used for social good. In this thought-provoking exploration of the ethical considerations surrounding the use of blockchain technology, she will explore ethical dilemmas that can arise when using this emerging technology.  Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the potential societal impacts and the importance of ethical decision-making when implementing blockchain solutions.

  • Learn more about Dr. Charles

    Dr. Wendy Charles describes a 30-year passion for health-related research with a strong background in operations and regulatory compliance. She currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer at BurstIQ, a digital health transformation company specializing in blockchain and artificial intelligence. She is thrilled to serve as an adjunct faculty member at DU where she teaches courses about digital health and blockchain. Dr. Charles currently serves on the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum Expert Panel, Government Blockchain Association healthcare working groups, and IEEE working groups designing standards for blockchain technologies. She is also involved as an Associate Editor and peer reviewer for academic journals. Dr. Charles obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Science with a specialty in Health Information Technology from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She is certified as an Institutional Review Board Professional, Clinical Research Professional, and Blockchain Professional.

Arts & the Blockchain: Art After the NFT Storm

Chris Coleman headshot photo

Christopher Coleman
Professor, Emergent Digital Practices
Director, Clinic for Open Source Arts

Now that both NFT and crypto markets have come back to earth, we can start to have long-term conversations about lessons we learned in the art world and how blockchains have a role in to the future. We see how artists and art markets are now using blockchains, how artists are making work on and about the blockchain, and how artists and art institutions are thinking about blockchains for archiving and proving ownership.

  • Learn more about Professor Coleman

    Chris Coleman was born in West Virginia and he received his MFA from SUNY Buffalo in New York. His work includes sculptures, videos, creative coding and interactive installations. Coleman has had his work in exhibitions and festivals in more than 25 countries including Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Finland, the U.A.E., Italy, Germany, France, China, the UK, Latvia, and across North America. He currently resides in Denver, CO and is a Professor of Emergent Digital Practices and the Director of the Clinic for Open Source Arts at the University of Denver.

Web 3 and the Future of the University Student Experience

Matt Romo Nichols headshot photo

Matthew "Matt" Romo Nichols
Web3 Club President
Fourth-year student, DU

Matthew Romo Nichols, the current President of the University of Denver's Web 3 club, investigated the potential influence of Web 3 protocols on future university student experiences. The discussion delved into the transformative effects of Web 3 in academic areas such as credentialing, data ownership, and research collaboration. By harnessing the advantages of decentralized and distributed technologies, students can anticipate more tailored learning experiences, greater transparency in academic records, better integration with urban environments, and strengthened cross-institution collaborations in the future.

  • Learn more about Matt

    Matt is currently a forth-year student attending the University of Denver on a full-ride academic scholarship, majoring in the Business of the Built Environment. He has a variety of work experience from the service industry, marketing, sales, contract negotiation, Web3 as well as real estate development.

    DU Web3 Club

Crypto & Law: Reports from the Bleeding Edge


Wil Wenzel headshot photo

William “Wil” Wenzel, Esq.
Owner, Red Road Legal, PC

Crypto's wild-west is a distant memory and there's a new sheriff in town. How do courts and the SEC view the (relatively) new assets and organizations coming out of the crypto industry? Attendees explored the state of the law impacting crypto-assets and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to divine a path forward.

  • Learn more about Wil

    One of the first blockchain lawyers in California, Colorado, and Texas, William S. Wenzel founded his law firm with a vision of providing compassionate counsel to entrepreneurs and their businesses. Emphasizing distributed ledger technology integration, the office is outside general counsel to companies in industries like real estate, aerospace, technology, and finance. Among other “cradle to sale” business legal services, the law firm provides formation planning, employee and asset acquisition, contract drafting and negotiation, governance, risk analysis, and mergers and acquisitions assistance. Beyond assisting transactions, his office has a consistent record of favorable business litigation outcomes in state and federal court.
    2022 Amendments to the Universal Commercial Code
    Exercise Caution with Crypto Asset Securities: Investor Alert

A Call to Action

Wendy Charles headshot photo

Dr. Wendy Charles
Chief Scientific Officer, BurstIQ
Faculty Member, Information and Communications Technology

University College, University of Denver

Listen to Dr. Wendy Charles' call to action for those interested in blockchain to join international, national, state, local, and organizational level groups doing important work around blockchain and to check out DU blockchain classes available to students!