Winter and Spring Outreach Meetings


DU community members engaged in conversation with various leaders from across campus around the purpose of this initiative and if it was worthwhile to undertake as a community.


The community + values convening group asked groups from across campus questions such as “how do we intentionally and authentically engage faculty/staff/students/alumni in this process?”, “What could/should this initiative look like?” and more.


In the listening portion of DU IMPACT 2025, we heard a desire for an increased sense of belonging on DU’s campus. The meetings have affirmed that longing and validated the hypothesis that there is a need and desire for a DU collective identity. The executive summary summarizes the notes from those meetings.



C+V consulted with student athletes, Pioneer Leadership Program juniors and seniors, Graduate Student Government, Undergraduate Student Government, Faculty Senate, faculty and staff experts, Deans Council, Staff Advisory Council, Cabinet, University Council, Fraternity and Sorority Life students, Staff of Color Association and Alumni Council Task Force, Women’s Leadership Council, and alumni affinity group leaders.

Thank you to Bryce Armijo-Hubbard, Mary Sue Brown, Rebecca Chopp, Michael Fiorini, Jeremy Haefner, Darrin Hicks, Laura Maresca, Lili Rodriguez and Bob Willis for serving on the c+v convening group and conducting many of these meetings.