DU MediaSpace (powered by Kaltura)

What is DU MediaSpace?

DU MediaSpace, powered by Kaltura, is a campus-wide video management system available for all active DU community members via Canvas or DU MediaSpace. DU MediaSpace is available in all Canvas courses under the menu titles of My Media and Media Gallery. DU MediaSpace has a suite of tools related to video creation, uploading, editing, sharing, mobile app, close captioning, lecture capture, video quizzes, and hot spots. Here is a list of Kaltura products with a short description:

  • DU MediaSpace — The name of the DU Video portal and repository available to all students, faculty and staff.  A non-Canvas video portal website that supports public and private channels.
  • Kaltura – The name of the application that powers DU MediaSpace
  • Kaltura – Canvas Integration: Canvas integration with rich-text editor menu.
  • Canvas My Media: Your private collection of all your uploaded videos located in Canvas. Students can not see media that belongs to the instructor on their My Media page, students will see only their media on their My Media page.
  • Canvas Media Gallery: A gallery area for media items uploaded by the instructor and/or students specifically related to a single Canvas course. It’s a great way to share videos, images or audio files with the entire class.  
  • Kaltura – Personal Capture: Computer screen and webcam recorder software for instructors and students. Recorded media will be uploaded automatically into their My Media account.
  • Kaltura – Go: A mobile app for Apple and Google devices that allows you to record smart phone videos and upload videos into DU MediaSpace

Cost and Eligibility:

DU MediaSpace is available for all DU faculty, staff and students at no cost.

Features and Benefits:

  • DU MediaSpace and Canvas are to allow instructors to capture and share videos with their students.

How do I start using DU MediaSpace ?

Visit the Office of Teaching and Learning webpage for more information on getting started with DU Mediaspace (powered by Kaltura).