IT offers many consulting options involving technology assistance from strategic conversations to operational solutions.  From the Vice Chancellor and CIO to the teams lead by the Assistant Vice Chancellors, IT is ready to help the University achieve its mission.

  • Strategic planning around technology needs at the senior leadership level is available. 
  • Operational assistance is available in many areas within IT.  IT core offerings include
    • Needs assessment, Request for Proposal (RFP) assistance, and software selection and implementation. 
    • Classroom design and classroom improvements. 
    • Technical architectural design for placing DU at the forefront of enabling technology rich spaces.
  • IT Security is a top priority for IT@DU.  While the IT division supports technology throughout the University, it strives to ensure safe and secure access.  DU's data is one of the most valuable assets at the University.  IT is willing to consult with the community in providing an environment that is progressive and open, yet safe and secure.

IT/EAS maintains software systems that support the University’s core business as well as develops custom applications in partnership with DU departments to enhance services to our community.  Our services range from needs assessment to implementation to continuous support of software solutions.

Software development is also available for unique needs that fit closely with the core administrative software, Banner.

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As specialized technologies rapidly expand so does the need for data integration.  In order to easily utilize many of the features in new software solutions, accurate and timely data transfers are often key.  Data integration to and from our core administrative system, Banner, is available through web services and other data integration tools.  Other data sources available through API’s can also be integrated with multiple software solutions.

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Operational efficiencies often allow limited resources to move from transactional work to better opportunities to support the greater mission of the University.  Using the various Workflow products within many of the software solutions, efficiencies can be found with structured communications, consistent policy enforcement, elimination of lists, data entered only once, approval enforcement, and much more.

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Protecting assets behind firewalls, transferring data with appropriate protections, timely provisioning and de-provisioning access, and proper database design eliminate many risks related to technology.

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Dashboards, descriptive analytics, development of mission critical reports, quick queries to answer questions, and the ability to combine various data sources to support self-service reporting through various tools like Tableau and Cognos are many of the analytics and reporting options available to the DU community.

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