Information Technology Staff Directory


   Information Technology
2100 South High Street
Denver, CO 80210

Name Phone Title Email
Boesch, William 303-871-4587 Sr Support Specialist [email protected]
Staiert, John 303-871-2009 Application Developer II [email protected]
Lutz, Susan 303-871-2118 Asst VC, Enterprise App Svcs [email protected]
Burnham, Chad 303-871-4441 Manager, Special Projects [email protected]
Sheu, Tim 303-871-3519 Head, IT Svcs-RSECS [email protected]
Duran, Carrie 303-871-2676 Application Developer III [email protected]
Chen, Jenny 303-871-6964 Specialist, Support [email protected]
Ananthakrishnan, Rohini 303-871-4738 Dir, Ent Software Dev & DB Adm [email protected]
Moitzfield, Darren 303-871-7440 Manager, Business Systems [email protected]
Bruning, Daniel 303-871-2587 Web Developer III [email protected]
Rinnert, Thomas 303-871-2001 Network Engineer III [email protected]
Fotovich, Benjamin 303-871-4413 Systems Eng II [email protected]
Craig, Cory 303-871-3739 Systems Eng III [email protected]
McLain, Nicole 303-871-3450 Info Sec Eng II [email protected]
Henderlight, Richard 303-871-2109 Evening Supervisor Help Center [email protected]
Taylor, Elizabeth 303-871-7775 Systems Engineer I [email protected]
Ekobena, Max 303-871-3928 Network Engineer I [email protected]
Nau, Matthew 303-871-2854 Database Administrator III [email protected]
Pendell, Paul 303-871-6505 Technician III, Media [email protected]
Tovbis, Gohar 303-871-2119 Dir, Enterprise Software Dev [email protected]
Lew, Marcelo 303-871-6523 Manager, Information Security [email protected]
Roberts, Jonathan 303-871-4080 Network Infrastructure Manager [email protected]
Hogue, Kent 303-871-2432 Web & Mobile Team Lead [email protected]
Liguori Hernandez, Theresa 303-871-3152 Asst VC, Campus Prtnshps [email protected]
Roudik, Andrei 303-871-3299 Systems Engineer I [email protected]
Higgins, Owen 303-871-2967 Senior Specialist, Technical Support [email protected]
Brown, Mary Sue 303-871-3690 Technical Writer [email protected]
Garrett, Ryan 303-871-2262 Head of Information Technology, Graduate School of Social Work [email protected]
Davies, Joshua 303-871-6116 Head, IT - MCE [email protected]
Parker, Elizabeth 303-871-3808 Director, Business & Ops [email protected]
Ravindran, Vidya 303-871-4627 Application Developer II [email protected]
Nagel, Tommy 303-871-7634 Media Technician III [email protected]
Mott, Mike 303-871-3761 Network Engineer III [email protected]
Hoenings, Gerald 303-871-7699 Business Analyst I [email protected]
Starling, Gary 303-871-4030 Asst VC, IT Infrast & CISO [email protected]
Harris, Kenneth 303-871-2070 Network Engineer I [email protected]
Jackson, Franklin 303-871-2469 Dir, DMS & IT Field Support [email protected]
Westover, Lew 303-871-2092 Application Developer III [email protected]
Sayed, Haytham 303-871-2123 Mngr, Database Administration [email protected]
Ginjupalli, Anu 303-871-2100 Database Administrator III [email protected]
Griffith, David 303-871-3478 Systems Engineer II [email protected]
Kannan, Vidya 303-871-3390 Application Developer III [email protected]
Esparza, Marc 303-871-2134 Application Developer II [email protected]
Foster, Ben 303-871-2132 Business Officer I [email protected]
Adams, Todd 303-871-2826 Application Developer III [email protected]
Steele, Sean 303-871-3108 Support Specialist [email protected]
Zies, Le 303-871-7526 Specialist, Support [email protected]
Haymore, Susan 303-871-7653 Business Analyst II [email protected]
Dunn, Josiah 303-871-4721 Business Analyst I [email protected]
Bradley, Patrick 303-871-4923 Systems Eng III [email protected]
Fischer, Daniel 303-871-3960 Ast Dir Dig Med IT Field Supp [email protected]
Khramov, Alex 303-871-4447 Director, IT Ops [email protected]
Dollar, Mickey 303-871-7823 Specialist, Field Support [email protected]
Smith, Cedric 303-871-3894 Manager, Help Center [email protected]
Holland, Miles 303-871-2100 Technician III, Media A/V [email protected]
Vajpeyi, Varun 303-871-2881 Support Specialist [email protected]
Nickel, Zachary 303-871-2664 Phone Support Lead [email protected]
Huckins, Paul 303-871-2117 Systems Eng III [email protected]
Vales, James Ian 303-871-7862 Web Developer II [email protected]
Shah, Nirav 303-871-2125 Application Developer III [email protected]
Johnson, Matt 303-871-2978 Info Sec Eng II [email protected]
Ramu, Nithya 303-871-2256 Application Developer II [email protected]
Adams, Jonathan 303-871-7856 Application Developer III [email protected]
Frey, Maxwell 303-871-2491 Application Developer II [email protected]
Jones, Chris 303-871-3141 Systems Eng II [email protected]
Wolfert, Taylor 303-871-7019 Application Developer I [email protected]
Seltzer, Beth 303-871-4900 Info Security Eng II [email protected]
Krems, Debra 303-871-3644 Project Specialist II [email protected]
Shope, Drew 303-871-3849 Systems Engineer I [email protected]
Harris, Don 303-871-2267 V.C. & Chief Info Officer [email protected]
Camarena, Brian 303-871-6562 Video Media Technician Lead [email protected]
Rojas, Mydelyn 303-871-3611 Developer I, Application [email protected]
Lilley, Renee 303-871-3341 Digital Media Services Manager [email protected]
Hays, Donna 303-871-2741 IT Project Manager [email protected]
Gonzales, Michael 303-871-3870 Support Specialist [email protected]
Smith, Jesse 303-871-4340 Application Developer I [email protected]
Kelley, Kevin 303-871-4303 Computer Operator [email protected]
Schrock, Korben 303-871-2008 A/V Media Technician III [email protected]
Weddle, Jill 303-871-2223 Analyst, Lead Application Support [email protected]
Weddle, Jill 303-871-7882 Analyst, Lead Application Support [email protected]
Chester, Leslie 303-871-4471 Network Engineer III [email protected]
Boutet, Darin 303-871-2103 Video/Media Technician III [email protected]
Andree, Dan 303-871-2232 Administrator Junior, Database [email protected]
Neubert, Jeff 303-871-2829 Engineer I, Network [email protected]
Sweet, Nathan 303-871-3535 Application Developer I [email protected]
Haywood, Katherine 303-871-4158 Business Coordinator II [email protected]
Fisher, Tremayne 303-871-2446 Video/Media Technician III [email protected]
McElwreath, Angie 303-871-3714 Business Analyst II [email protected]
Osoriolopez, Leo 303-871-7822 Database Administrator I [email protected]
Horgan, Greg 303-871-3351 Supervisor, Technical Support [email protected]
Kovanda, Ivan 303-871-2350 Systems Engineer I [email protected]
Bhatti, Zirgham 303-871-6821 Business Analyst II [email protected]
Rajendran, Padma 303-871-2454 Engineer III, Network [email protected]
Machan, Brad 303-871-2413 Business Analyst II [email protected]
Vaidyanathan, Aparna 303-871-6190 Business Analyst I [email protected]
Jones, Nate 303-871-2100 A/V Media Technician III [email protected]
Davis, Gail 303-871-2606 Office Manager [email protected]
Keizer, Lucas 303-871-2100 Lead, Audio Visual [email protected]
Landry, Samuel 303-871-2363 Specialist, IT Support [email protected]
Numoto, Karissa 303-871-4334 Specialist, Support [email protected]
Kelter, Aaron 303-871-2100 Field Support Specialist [email protected]
Brower, Shaun 303-871-4424 Engineer III, Systems [email protected]
Name Phone Title Email