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Campus Visits


Career Services, Suitts Center for, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 280
Denver CO 80210

Center for Advocacy, Prevention and Empowerment

Nelson Hall
2222 S. High St.
Denver CO 80210

Center for Community Engagement

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Suite 22
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
DePrince, Anne P. 303-871-2939 Faculty Director, Center for Community Engaged Scholarship & Learning
DiEnno, Cara 303-871-2158 Associate Director, CCESL
Duven, Madeline R. 303-871-3328 CCESL Program Coordinator
Ferrick, Kathleen A. 303-871-4281 Coordinator, Program

Center for Effective Interventions

Craig Hall
2148 S. High St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Garofalini, Dana M. 303-871-2506 Therapy Expert, Multisystemic
Hunter, Lauren R. 303-871-5522 Multisystemic Therapy Expert
Kerns, Suzanne E. 303-871-2506 Research Associate Professor and Executive Director
Mason, Chris W. 303-871-2506 Lead,Multisystemic Therapy Expert
Robbins, Cory M. 303-871-2506 Therapy Expert, Multisystemic
Uomoto, Andie A. 303-871-2506 Assistant Director, CEI

Center for Professional Development

2211 S Josephine St

Denver CO 80210

Center for World Languages & Cultures

Anderson Academic Commons
2150 E. Evans Ave. Room 336
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Cassidy, Virginie M. 303-871-4601 Director & Teaching Associate Professor, Center for World Languages & Cultures
Chavez, Eduardo M. 303-871-4604 Coordinator, Program
DuBois, Stefan 303-871-4601 Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish and First-year Coordinator
Foster, Maha S. 303-871-7464 Teaching Professor, Arabic
Hamamoto, Miho 303-871-4601 Teaching Assistant Professor, Japanese
Kirkpatrick, Cheyne 303-871-4603 Associate Director
Pleiss, Mark W. 303-871-4601 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Sposeto, Emily R. 303-871-2421 Teaching Assistant Professor, Italian
Woellner, Terri-Jo 303-871-2175 Teaching Professor, French & Francophone Studies

Chamberlin Observatory

Chamberlin Observatory
2930 E. Warren Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Chancellor Emeritus, Office of the

2060 John Moye Hall
Room 205
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Foster, Carolyn 303-871-2122 Assistant, Chancellor Emeritus Personal

Chancellor, Office of the

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Brownell, Claire A. 303-871-4876 Director of University Protocol/Assistant Secretary BOT
Chopp, Rebecca 303-871-4606 Chancellor Emerita
Haefner, Jeremy 303-871-2111 Chancellor
Hahn, Bonnie J. 303-871-2922 Assistant, Administrative
Jackson, Cheryl 303-871-2736 Executive Assistant, Office of the Chancellor
McNamee, Chase 303-871-2111 Manager, Senior Project
Nicely, Nancy 303-871-4948 Senior Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff
O'Malley, Stephanie Y. 303-871-2784 Associate Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations
Parker, Rebecca R. 303-871-4776 Writer, Executive
Riola, Allison B. 303-871-4201 Director of Chancellor Engagement

Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department of

F.W. Olin Hall
2190 E. Iliff Ave. Room 202
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Barter, Emily F. 303-871-2746 Teaching Assistant Professor
Berliner, Lawrence J. 303-871-2435 Professor
Bishop, Gary A. 303-871-2584 Senior Research Engineer
Chapman, Erich G. 303-871-2435 Assistant Professor
Cowen, Bryan J. 303-871-2435 Teaching Associate Professor
Cowen, Bryan J. 303-871-2435 Director, Internships
Eaton, Gareth R. 303-871-2980 Professor
Eaton, Sandra S. 303-871-3100 Chair, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Eaton, Sandra S. 303-871-3100 Professor
Huffman, Alex A. 303-871-4404 Associate Professor
Huple, Deepak B. -N/A Associate, Postdoctoral Research
Ichire, Ogar O. 303-871-2985 Teaching Assistant Professor
Knowles, Michelle K. 303-871-6698 Associate Professor
Kumar, Sunil 303-871-3363 Assistant Professor
Kumar, Sunil 303-871-4395 Assistant Professor
Kutateladze, Andrei 303-871-2995 Dean & Professor
Latham, John A. 303-871-2435 Assistant Professor
Majestic, Brian J. 303-871-2986 Associate Professor
Margittai, Martin 303-871-2435 Professor
Michel, Brian W. 303-871-2595 Associate Professor
Miller, Keith E. 303-871-7721 Associate Professor
Mitchell, Debbie G. 303-871-4182 Director of the SELC
Mitchell, Debbie G. 303-871-4182 Teaching Assistant Professor
Murugaverl, Balasingam 303-871-2435 Teaching Associate Professor
Novitskiy, Ivan 303-871-2435 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Shonk, Mary K. 303-871-2436 Assistant to the Chair
Smith, Dwight M. 303-871-2938 Research Professor
Son, Ahhyun 303-871-4561 Associate, Postdoctoral Research
Wells, Todd A. 303-871-2439 Teaching Assistant Professor
Worrell, Brady T. 303-871-3270 Assistant Professor - Organic Chemistry

Clarion, The (student newspaper)

Driscoll Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Colorado Women's College

Chambers Center
1901 East Asbury Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Ayers, Ann H. 303-871-6801 Dean, Colorado Women's College

Communication Studies, Department of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Chandrashekar, Santhosh 303-871-2385 Assistant Professor
Grewe, Brian 303-871-2385 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Hanan, Joshua 303-871-2385 Associate Professor
Hicks, Darrin 303-871-2385 Professor
Kizito, Kalemba K. 303-871-2385 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Loftus, Mary Claire M. 303-871-4332 Associate Professor
Loftus, Mary Claire M. 303-871-4332 Chair, Communication Studies
Martin-Noble, Paula E. 303-871-2385 Assistant to the Chair I
Preston, Summer L. 303-871-2385 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Suter, Elizabeth 303-871-2385 Professor
Walizer, Cody J. 303-871-2385 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of Debate
Willer, Erin K. 303-871-4308 Associate Professor

Communications & Marketing, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 235
Denver CO 80210

Community Action Program


Computer Science, Department of

2155 E. Wesley Ave.

Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
AlBow, Mohammed M. 303-871-3302 Teaching Assistant Professor
Amschler Andrews, Anneliese K. 303-871-3374 Professor
Blanco Rodriguez, Saul A. 303-871-2458 Teaching Assistant Professor
Corley, Meredith 303-871-2458 Assistant to the Chair
Das, Sanchari 303-871-2458 Assistant Professor
Dewri, Rinku 303-871-4189 Associate Professor
Durso, Catherine S. 303-871-3598 Teaching Professor
Edgington, Jeffrey M. 303-871-3297 Teaching Professor
Evans, Nate S. 303-871-4382 Teaching Assistant Professor
Garcia, Dante D. 303-871-3438 Assistant, Program
GauthierDickey, Chris J. 303-871-3318 Associate Professor
GauthierDickey, Chris J. 303-871-3318 Chair, Computer Science
Hannum, Andrew T. 303-871-6890 Visiting Teaching Asst. Prof.
Haring, Kerstin S. 303-871-4342 Assistant Professor
Harmon, Bruce B. 303-871-2458 Professor of the Practice of Computer Science, Faculty Director
Harmon, Bruce B. 303-871-2458 Faculty Director, Computer Science Professional Program
Leutenegger, Scott T. 303-871-2821 Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Leutenegger, Scott T. 303-871-2821 Professor
Liu, Faan Tone 303-871-2728 Teaching Professor
Lopez, Mario A. 303-871-3287 Professor
Mitchell, Will T. 303-871-6890 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Pittman, Dan E. 303-871-3729 Associate Professor of the Practice
Reardon, Christopher M. 303-871-3267 Assistant Professor
Rutherford, Matt J. 303-871-3309 Associate Professor
Sherba, Susanne A. 303-871-3724 Teaching Professor
Shurtleff, Wurth M. 303-871-6041 Coordinator, Program
Stevenson, Daniel E. 303-871-3488 Teaching Professor

Conference & Event Services

Centennial Towers
1770 S. Williams St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Adams, Sarah J. 303-871-7644 Manager, Scheduling & Event
Burgert, Katie H. 303-871-4842 Manager, Conference & Events
Culberson, Brianna M. 303-871-2416 Associate Director, Summer Conferencing
Fudala, Amanda R. 303-871-2394 Executive Director, Conference & Events
Job, Kelsey M. 303-871-3643 Manager, Conference & Events
Mauro, Mary Kay 303-871-4333 Assistant Director, Business Development
Michel, Richard B. 303-871-4333 Director, Business & Operations
Palaima, Rachael B. 303-871-4333 Manager, Marketing & Sales
Tabb, Tamara 303-871-4381 Manager, Conference & Events

Conflict Resolution Institute

Ben M. Cherrington Hall
2201 S. Gaylord St.
Denver CO 80210

Controller's Office

Administrative Office Building
2601 E. Colorado Ave. 1st Floor
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Armstrong, Gabriela A. 303-871-4408 Accountant II, Banking & External Reporting
Brooks, John D. 303-871-2904 Manager, Investment Accounting
Cullen, Andrew A. 303-871-3740 Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance
Decker, Kelly N. 303-871-4554 Plant & Capital Accountant
Gerow, Jason 303-871-4046 Director, Accounting
Martinez, Leandra A. 303-871-3238 Assistant, Controller
Nickell, Tami 303-871-2364 Manager, Budget Operations
Olson, Olivia O. 303-871-2913 Manager, Cost Analysis
Robledo, Leticia 303-871-4327 Operations & Financial Analysis Support Accountant
Trang, Loc V. 303-871-3751 Accountant, Investment

Counseling Center

Daniel L. Ritchie Center
2201 E. Asbury St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Cook, Chaney B. 303-871-4282 Interim Associate Director, Clinical & Training
Hunt, Ashley M. 303-871-3853 Assistant Director, Advocacy Services-CAPE
Leibovitz, Ann 303-871-4397 Psychologist, Staff - Sports Psychology
Morrison, Wendy C. 303-871-2205 Psychologist, Staff - Assessment

Creativity & Entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Credit Union, Public Service

2027 S. University Blvd.

Denver CO 80210