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Chambers Center
1901 East Asbury Ave. Room 214
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Bedford, Tracey Butler 303-871-6866 Business Officer I
Emory-Proctor, Charlene R 303-871-6866 Assistant Director of Programs, HERS
Inman, Lauren E. 303-871-6866 Instructional Design and CRM Specialist
Karas, Michelle Rosemary 303-871-6866 Executive Assistant to the President, Board Relations Coordinator, and Office Manager for HERS
Lundeen, Shannon B. 303-871-3975 Senior Director (Vice President), Program and Operations
Olivares Kirkeby, Alicia 303-871-6866 Senior Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
Templeton, Lindsey L 303-871-6866 Associate Director, Programs and Research
Thomas, Gloria D. 303-871-6866 President, Higher Education Resource Services
Williams, Sophie 303-871-6866 Director, Marketing, Recruiting & Alumnae Affairs

Health Promotion

Community Commons
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Health and Counseling Center

Daniel L. Ritchie Center
2201 E. Asbury St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Aaronson, Kelly 303-871-2067 Collegiate Recovery Program Coordinator
Brown, Jessica D. 303-871-3285 Part-time Medical Provider
Cook, Chaney Beth 303-871-4282 Assoc Dir, Clinic and Training
Cotton, Georgianne Kathleen (Gigi) 303-871-7489 Associate Director of Medical Services
Cowperthwaite, Kevin Earl 303-871-2205 Psychiatrist
DeFrantz-Dufor, Waltrina Estelle 303-871-3423 Director, Collegiate Recovery Community
Desai, Anand 303-871-4251 Staff Psychologist: Group coordinator
Drake, Abigail C. (Abbey) 303-871-7730 Physician Assistant
Edwards, Anne 303-871-5274 Associate Director of Counseling Services/Training Director
Gubrud, Denise D. 303-871-4358 Medical Assistant
Johnson, Jaclyn G. (Jackie) 303-871-2420 Staff Registered Nurse
Johnson, Sarah Lynn 303-871-4129 Assistant Director, Systems & Information
Kim, Linda (Yerine) 303-871-5145 Administrative Specialist, Clerical Healthcare
LaFarr, Michael Jay 303-871-2705 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Health and Wellness
Leary, Brenden Matthew 303-871-5119 Clerical Healthcare Administrative Specialist
McGugan, JoEllen M. 303-871-7943 Staff Nurse Part-Time
Michener, Angela C. 303-871-7799 Staff Counselor/Alcohol and Other Drug Support Services
Miller, Jennifer Joy 303-871-4128 Medical Doctor
Mischke, Erica C. 303-871-4636 Assistant Director, Budget & Finance
Mokry, Anna 303-871-4897 DUHCC Staff Counselor/BIPOC Specialist
Morrison, Wendy Carolyn 303-871-4297 Staff Psychologist, Assessment
Nelson, Cornelia 303-871-7465 Medical Assistant
Odell, David Michael 303-871-4126 Medical Director
Olsen, Meredythe (Preston) 303-871-2205 Healthcare Administrative Specialist
Palmateer, Jacaranda Nel 303-871-4298 Director, Counseling Services
Puckett, Tracy Lee (Lee) 303-871-6098 Manager, Clerical Healthcare Admin
Rysavy, Jennifer Huston 303-871-6842 Physician Assistant
Stroz, Stephanie Lee 303-871-4598 Nurse, Registered
Walker, Thomas Edward 303-871-7482 Senior Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives & Support
Wera, Christopher John (Chris) 303-871-7785 Director, Business & Operations
Worth, Kacie Rae 303-871-2205 Medical Assistant

High School, University of Denver

2393 S. York St.

Denver CO 80210

History, Department of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 366
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Campbell, Elizabeth Ann 303-871-2947 Professor
Escobedo, Elizabeth Rachel 303-871-2952 Associate Professor
Ford, Yasmaine D. 303-871-2949 Assistant to the Chair I
Helstosky, Carol 303-871-3987 Professor
Ioris, Rafael R. 303-871-2950 Professor
Jones, Kimberly Virgia 303-871-2347 Assistant Professor, Black Diaspora in North America and/or African American History
Kreider, Jodie A. 303-871-3327 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor, History
Melleno, Daniel Frank 303-871-7412 Assistant Professor
Parker, Angela Kay 303-871-4943 Assistant Professor
Patel, Trishula R. 303-871-2955 Assistant Professor
Philpott, William P. (Bill) 303-871-2956 Associate Professor
Schulten, Susan M 303-871-2970 Professor
Sciarcon, Jonathan 303-871-2954 Chair, History
Smith, Hilary A. 303-871-2953 Associate Professor
Tague, Ingrid H. 303-871-2945 Professor

Honor Board, College of Law

Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg.
2255 East Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Hospitality Management, Fritz Knoebel School of

Joy Burns Center
2044 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Corsun, David Lee 303-871-4268 Associate Professor and Director, Knoebel School of Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Farmer, Patricia (Trixie) 303-871-4438 Director, Sales
Kalambayi, Jessi Longwe 303-871-3726 Program Manager, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management
McBride, Tricia Ann 303-871-2322 Steward
Moore, Stacy M. 303-871-4766 Director, Operations
Parsa, Haragopal (H.G.) 303-871-3693 Hilton Chair, School of Hospitality Management
Ponce, Joseph M. (Joe) 303-871-4791 Office Manager, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management
Sepulveda, Lauren 303-871-4427 Associate Director, Enrollment & Student Services
Singh, Amrik 303-871-4589 Associate Professor
Young, Cheri 303-871-7671 Associate Professor

Housing and Residential Education

Dimond Family Residential Village
2020 S. High St
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Alston, Shana N 303-871-2934 Executive Director, Housing and Residential Education
Gunn, Jasmine Y 303-871-4439 Assistant Director of Recruitment and Development
Hiremath, Anurunjitha (Roo) 303-871-4718 Associate Director of Residential Education, Residential Experiences
Huntington, Ryan Warren 303-871-2044 Assistant Director, Occupancy, Residential Operations
Juarez, Jessica G. 303-871-7783 Housing Coodinator
Mayfield, Jackalynn B. 303-871-2025 Resident Director
Montano, Alyssa A 303-871-4249 Adminsitrative Assistant
Mosqueda, Leticia Patricia (Leti) 303-871-3642 Resident Director
Pirela Ramirez, Alexandra Patricia 303-871-2246 Office Coordinator
Robinson-Miller, Detric E. 303-871-2750 Director, Residential Education, Housing and Residential Education
Vetterli, Kiana Kikuno 303-871-5143 Resident Director
Wadleigh, Ryan J. 303-871-2768 Resident Director
Williams, Jacob A 303-871-6433 Resident Director, Apartments Community
Wu, Jeremy K 303-871-3355 Program Manager, Housing and Residential Education

Human Resources

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Banks, Jeffrey B. (Jeff) 303-871-7436 Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Bartalo, Michael 303-871-7420 HR Partner III
Cha, Taib Elizabeth (Elizabeth) 303-871-3549 Benefits Program Manager
Childs, Sarah B. 303-871-3501 Compensation Analyst
Crissman, Kirsten LeAnn 303-871-5923 Recruiter, Talent Acquisition
Groth, Andrea W. 303-871-3517 Employee Experience Coordinator
Klug, Celeste Louise 303-871-2618 Coordinator, Talent Acquisition
Kretschmann, Paula A. 303-871-4257 Learning Consultant
Kutches, Cassandra L (Cassy) 303-871-3962 Executive Assistant
Manzaneres, Sarah K. 303-871-3684 HR Partner II
McNamee, Chase 303-871-6260 Senior Project Manager
McVey, Shawn D 303-871-3307 HR Partner II
Miller, Craig M. 303-871-7770 Associate Director, Talent Acquisition & Development
Moore, Lloyd E 303-871-4284 Director, Benefits
Noone, James J (Jim) 303-871-4238 Director, Employee and Labor Relations
Norman, Shaunda 303-871-2398 Director, HR Operations and Data Analytics
Pinnock, Kenneth Mark (Ken) 303-871-7511 Director, People Development
Qudrat, Shahira Niggin 303-871-4932 Director, HR Strategy and Planning
Sanderson, Kaylyn D. 303-871-3502 Employment Specialist
Taylor, Jennifer M. 303-871-7420 Employment Specialist, Human Resources and Inclusive Community
Vigliotti, Grace A. 303-871-3648 Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

Humanities Institute

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 457
Denver CO 80210