Phase 1: Proposal Development Process

Once you have filled out the Concept Description please email the Phase I Form to the Capital Projects Team at: Once received, the Projects Team will then facilitate the process with the appropriate Facilities and Provost staff, and will develop the remainder of the Phase I document with the project contact.

The Phase I Development process usually results in a review by the Senior Staff advisory group (members are the Provost, Vice Chancellor for Business and Financial Affairs, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, Vice Chancellor for Technology Services, and Associate Provost for Budget and Planning.) If the group desires to recommend the proposal, a more-detailed Phase II plan will be required to be created for review by the Chancellor.

Typically the process will occur in the following order:

  1. Fill out Conceptual Description (Section I) on the Phase I Form, and send to the Capital Projects Team at: The Projects Team will work with Facilities to set up a meeting between the project contact/sponsor with a project manager to get a rough project scope and cost estimate within 10 days of receiving the form.
  2. Once the estimate is provided by Facilities, the Projects Team will describe in Section II the physical elements of the project scope and the project estimate.
  3. This updated Phase I form will then be sent back to the project contact, who then reviews Section II, fills out Section III and returns it to the Project Team.
  4. Our Project Team Lead will then forward the completed Phase I form to the Senior Staff advisory board.
  5. If the Phase I review is recommended, then a more detailed Phase II proposal must be submitted.