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Degree Programs

Bursar's Office


The following forms are available for your use. Document formats are listed for each form. Any documents in .pdf format can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Most of the .pdf format forms are interactive and can be filled out online. All forms require original signatures and must be mailed or returned to the Bursar's Office.

Loan Services and Collections Forms

NDSL/Perkins Exit Counseling Handbook * (.pdf)

Request for Economic Hardship (.pdf)

Request for Unemployment Deferment (.pdf)

Request for Forbearance Form (.pdf)

Request for In-School Deferment (.pdf)

Request for Graduate Fellowship Deferment (.pdf)

Request for Military Service and Post Active Duty Deferment (.pdf)

Request for Rehabilitation Training Program Deferment (.pdf)

Request for Cancellation(Teacher, Law Enforcement, Family Service, etc) (.pdf)

Request for Cancer Treatment Deferment (.pdf)


* Additional information required, contact Bursar's Office at (303) 871-4944

Online Forms

Perkins Loan Total and Permanent Disability Discharge You will be redirected to the Federal Student Aid website to apply

Tuition Appeal Form Log in to PioneerWeb, select Student Tab, Student Information, Records and Requests and Request for Tuition Appeal (Not applicable for Study Abroad)

Late Fee Waiver Request Log in to PioneerWeb, select Student Tab and Request for Late Fee Waiver

Title IV Authorization Form Log in to PioneerWeb, select Student Tab and Title IV Authorization Form

Billing Services Forms

Parental Billing Agreement (.pdf)

Employer Reimbursement Agreement(For New and/or Renewals) (.pdf)

Third Party Direct Payment Agreement Form (TPPA) (.pdf)

Direct Deposit ACH Cancellation Form (.pdf)

COF Waiver Application (.pdf)