Denver Advantage Milestones

The Denver Advantage has multiple phases. Some we have already begun, while others will take five, 10, even 20 years to achieve. Here are some of our milestones to date.


Students interacting in the common area of a residence hall

First-Year Residence Hall

At the University of Denver, we have a live-on requirement for first-year and second-year students. But we also have a shortage of available beds, so we're building a new first-year, 500-bed residence hall designed for cluster/community living to help students create a sense of belonging from their first moment on campus.


Overhead shot of students in a cozy study booth with laptops

Community Commons

Built on the footprint of the Driscoll Student Center, the Community Commons will house spaces for classes, programming, studying and collaborative opportunities, along with dining and activities for student and community engagement for after-hours socialization to continue.

Centralized dining spaces will feature a variety of cultural cuisines and community tables to increase opportunities for conversations and collaboration among peers, faculty, staff, neighbors and visitors.

Student support services will be housed entirely in the Community Commons to provide comprehensive support and guidance in one place instead of spread across multiple buildings.


  • Project Updates

    Architect selected: Anderson Mason Dale Architects and Moore Ruble Yudell

    Construction begins: June 2018

Driscoll bridge tables with career center staff

Career Achievement Center 

The Career Achievement Center will be a centralized hub that provides skills development, experiential learning and individualized career activation for all of our students. Career Services will start to engage with students in their first year, rather than waiting until their last year. The Center will provide a variety of resources, from helping students translate their work experiences for their resumes, to meeting with employers and interacting with the Global Network of 140,000 DU alums.

The Architect of Record for his project is Lake Flato.  Through an integrated and collaborative process, Lake Flato incorporates the demanding programmatic requirements of higher education facilities with the environmental and campus context to realize unique learning environments. Their designs create cohesive and pedestrian-oriented campuses that foster healthy social and academic communities. They are also leaders in employing sustainable strategies that result in high performance buildings reflecting the unique culture of each institution.


  • Project Updates

    Architect selected: Lake Flato

    Construction begins: January 2019

Students walking to the north side of campus down through Driscoll bridge

Campus Framework Plan

While we're already developing spaces for more housing, community building and socialization spaces, we're developing a long-term plan to enhance a neighborhood culture that's open and welcoming to on-campus community members as well as our neighbors and visitors.


  • Project Updates

    During Spring, Summer and Fall 2017 Ayers Saint Gross held numerous workshops and brainstorming sessions with members of our campus community and surrounding neighborhood to develop a roadmap for our future

    Campus Framework Plan revealed: May 2018

    Dockless bikes pilot: Spring 2018

    Chariot shuttle pilot: Summer 2018

    Pedestrian safety improvements: October 2018

    Feasibility for developing 6-acre parcel with a hotel: Summer 2018

    New wayfinding: Fall 2018