Growing the You Rock! Awards

Nominate a fellow DU community member via the form below, and let them know "You Rock!"

As the DU community continues to navigate these times, we understand that now, more than ever, it’s important to take time to acknowledge and appreciate one another.

Recently, the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs (VPFA) team launched the You Rock! Awards (with a tip of the hat to Morgridge College of Education) across campus for faculty and staff. We are excited to report that through a partnership with VPFA, Community + Values, Human Resources & Inclusive Community, Student Affairs and Inclusive Excellence, and Advancement, Alumni Engagement, we are now expanding this program. By growing this program, this will enable us all to acknowledge the great talent, dedication, resilience, and courage of our entire DU community.

Anyone in our community, whether student, staff, faculty, alum, parent, or friend can nominate a fellow community member for their small and larger accomplishments. This is meant to be multi-directional in that anyone can nominate another DU community member for their efforts and accomplishments.

We want this to be one of many initiatives that reinforce appreciation and kindness throughout the DU community. 

Maybe a fellow community member is doing more than expected in their job or for others at DU; or, maybe they have gone above and beyond for DU and donated their time to help students and or another faculty or staff member.

These things all make a difference, and we hope that through the You Rock! Program, you will take a moment to fill out the form below and tell us how your fellow community member is making a difference.

We want everyone in the DU community to know, You Rock! 

In Solidarity and Support,

Community + Values
Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs
Advancement, Alumni Engagement
Human Resources & Inclusive Community
Student Affairs and Inclusive Excellence

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We are honored to recognize our DU community members for all of their accomplishments. 

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You Rock! Awards Form

Utilize the form below to let your fellow community member know, "You Rock!"

Please note, if you are a DU faculty or staff member seeking to nominate a fellow DU faculty or staff member, please utilize the VPFA form here. If you have any questions about the You Rock! Awards process, please email Chase McNamee, Senior Project Manager,