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Register in Spring Quarter 2023 for COMN 2040 (CRN#4756): Building Community: Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Action

Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:00 – 1:50pm

All students are welcome! 

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The students in COMN 2040 form the core team for one of the largest annual events on DU's campus in partnership with Community + Values & the Colorado Sikhs.

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Building Community

Over the past five years, intercultural communities in Denver, Colorado have embraced the Sikh tradition of Langar (a free Indian meal unifying diverse race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and class identities) as a place for like-minded individuals to annually gather for community building and connection. Since November 2016 the Langar-in-the-Park has served as an intercultural, interfaith, and interracial space to welcome and celebrate a shared love of humanity and oneness in social community while resisting division, violence, and bigotry. What began through service of 10,000 meals and 500 volunteers has expanded over the years to incorporate music, dance, dialogue, and reconnection.

The University of Denver is excited to host the Langar@DU on June 4, 2022, which will be guided by the students participating in the Inclusive Community course. In Spring 2021, the students explored the value of Langar and attained a commitment from DU to bring a Langar on campus. Learn more. As one student commented, “The Sikh community is about giving and not expecting anything in return because everyone that attends gives something, anything, no matter if it's large of small, and does so because it's who one is and what they want to be like when they attend a Langar.”

For centuries, the Sikh community has practiced and celebrated Langar. In our modern world of technology where we are all closer than geographical constraints, the ability to share tools for connection make intercultural Langar more accessible and brings the promise of Langar to bridge divides and connect like-minded people in focus. The Langar@DU is a precursor to the 5th Annual Langar-in-the-Park to take place in downtown Denver in the fall of 2022.

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