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The university experience is more than the classes you take or the degree you earn. It's also about making lifelong connections and being part of a community that helps you grow into the person you want to be.

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  • How do we ensure students abide by University guidelines?

    We are working with several student groups, which are grateful the University is providing multiple options for course types (online, hybrid, hyflex, and in-person). While college students do appreciate having a social life, many have been taking this very seriously because they want to be able to return campus safely.

    During the first summer session, we did not see any issues with the small cohort of students that attended class in-person wearing face coverings. However, we remain realistic in our expectations. All students will be asked to sign a pledge which commits the student to the protocols for safety on and off campus. Extra disposable face coverings will be available at the entrance of every building so students who forgot their face coverings can have quick and easy access, keeping the class moving safety. Incidences referred to student rights and responsibilities will have a variety of outcomes from interim measures of suspension to educational-based habit adaptation. In extreme circumstances, campus safety will be called and assist with the situation.

  • Will faculty and staff be able to enforce the wearing of face coverings?

    Yes. We encourage a supportive, collaborative and caring interaction that directs students to get a disposable face covering located at the entry of every building.

  • How have students helped develop and implement the action plan?

    Students are involved in the Canvas course development. Students are serving on the Chancellor’s advisory task force, and we are regularly reaching out to leaders of the student governing bodies. Students have also designed and are leading a campus campaign.

  • Why is DU holding any in-person classes when every interaction contains risk?

    We are not insisting that people take classes in person. Both instructors and students have choices. Some people evaluate the situation and do not want to or are unable to be in person. Others would like to. Having a comprehensive plan prioritizes our community member’s safety.

    Sharing these plans openly and gathering opinions, questions and suggestions allows us the best chance for success. This does not mean the University is not continuously assessing the safety of this approach nor developing triggers based on various thresholds to move the University to a different phase in our Campus Access and Support Plan. We developed the phased approach recognizing that we will need to pivot and react appropriately as conditions change.

    We have typically been more cautious in our reopening compared to the State of Colorado to ensure that our protocols were best placed to mitigate risk as we increased the number of people on campus.