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  • Bridge

    Virtual Visit Options Available

    While all in-person visits are cancelled, Undergraduate Admission offers virtual tour and visit options

  • Building

    Newman Center Events Cancelled

    Student performances on campus will continue if we can develop protocols that minimize the spread of the virus (for example, streaming). We are currently working with aerosol scientists to understand how, given our spaces and performance types, these activities can resume.

  • Other Events
    • Alumni 50th Reunion—This event is postponed until June 2021, when the classes of 1970 and 1971 will celebrate together.
    • Newman Center—All in-person events through January 1st have been postponed or cancelled. 
    • Undergraduate and Graduate Commencements—We have postponed our Spring and Summer Commencement 2020 ceremonies until next spring. The Sturm College of Law's Commencement (originally scheduled for May 16) had already been postponed. 
    • Other events across campus— On and off campus events help create community on campus especially in our academic departments and student organizations. In some events can drives additional revenue to support the University mission.   

Virtual Events at DU

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Hosting Events

The University of Denver is restricting in-person events and meetings to mitigate the potential for campus spread of COVID-19. We are providing guidance and resources to engage and build community and a sense of belonging while still minimizing the spread of the virus. Due to the limited amount of on-campus space and the prioritization of available space for student learning, events will be handled pursuant to the following procedures.

  • General Principles
    • Units should host most events and activities in virtual environments rather than on campus, and to only request approval for in-person events for essential events.
    • Essential events are defined as any event of 10 or more people who are gathering on University property, or on University-affiliated properties, for essential business purposes that include but are not limited to: social, programmatic, organizational operation, or training-based needs. This includes events sponsored by the university, colleges, schools, departments or units, as well as student-sponsored events. 
    • Refer to the COVID-19 alert levels to ascertain maximum attendee counts for events.
    • On-campus internal events should consist of members from the DU community and have an active 87# to follow university COVID protocols.  External attendees are not permitted except for guest speakers who must follow visitor protocol
    • On-Campus external events are allowed in three units with specific external event protocols and are also responsible for assisting in contact tracing: Burwell Center (for alumni engagement), Admissions (prospective family engagement), Knoebel Events (external only event intended to serve the programmatic needs of our students).  
    • Events may occur on or off campus but on-campus events are strongly encouraged.  Student organized events are to be on-campus unless an exception is approved by division leadership. 
  • Approval Process for In-Person Events
    • Events will be evaluated and approved by the Event Advisory Group and COVID Coordinator. 
      • Event requests should be submitted to the Event Advisory Group at least three weeks prior to the date of the event.
      • The Event Advisory Group consists of representatives from Chancellor, Provost, Conference & Event Services, Facilities Management, IT, Risk Management, General Counsel, Campus Safety and other key offices.
      •  Each request will be reviewed to identify questions or possible conflicts with the university’s COVID protocols.  Upon approval, Conference & Event Services staff will notify event requestor and work with the appropriate system to reserve the requested space.
    • Prior to Event Advisory Group review, event requestors must obtain approval from their division leader to hold an in-person event.  Division leaders must agree to the following for both on-campus and off-campus events:
      • the event purpose meets the outlined definition
      • there is substantial evidence that the risks of an in-person mode out way the minimum risk of a virtual mode
      • budget is within the financial resources of the division and in alignment with the universities spending reduction request
    • Additional decision criteria for off-campus venue:
      • lack of available space on campus
      • venue protocols align with university protocols
      • sufficient staffing to ensure protocol adherence
    • In-person events <10 people will be treated as meetings and not require prior approval to schedule
  • Safety Requirements

    Event hosts are responsible for ensuring adherence to COVID safety protocols by all participants.

    • Events must be designed to limit or avoid all sharing of objects. Objects that must be shared must have cleaning procedure between users.
    • All event staff and participants are required to wear masks, to obey the six-foot social distancing, utilize the universities symptom monitoring survey system and utilize hand sanitizer stations provided at the venue. 
    • Event staff must develop a contactless check-in process that facilitates contact tracing as well as design staggered arrival and departure schedules to minimize large lines or congestion.
    • Floor markings are required at the entry to promote social distancing during checking.
    • Because aerosols are expelled at greater velocities and volumes as people speak louder, indoor events will be required to manage sound levels to reduce the spread of the virus.  

    This information is intended to provide the framework for our phase III event protocols.  More detailed event protocols are being developed and will be posted on the COVID protocol webpage by August 31.  Please direct any questions about this guidance to

Events Protocol