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HerDU 2018

The Women's Coalition

HerDU 2018: Uniting Our Voice, Experience and Action

HerDU 2018

HerDU 2018 is happening on Friday, April 20, 2018
8:00am - 5:00pm

HerDU 2018 will be a day of courageous conversations, inspiration, interactive experiences, connections and learning, during what has become a watershed moment in our country for issues facing women in the workplace. Formerly the DU Women's Conference, HerDU 2018: Uniting Our Voice, Experience and Action is focused on unity, empathy, and inclusion of communities and allies who may not see 'Women's Conference' and think it's for them.

About the conference

HerDU 2018 will focus on building and strengthening our community here at DU. Male or female, cisgender, trans-gender or gender queer – we are focused on understanding, appreciating, and transcending our differences. If we can create a community where we are all safe and inspired to explore and be who we are, our power in addressing bigger societal goals will grow as well. People who identify as men may wonder whether they are welcome at our conference. The answer is a definite yes. Our doors, hearts, and minds are open! Join us on April 20th!


HerDU 2018 aims to hear all voices from our community about how issues are felt, perceived, and addressed by all members of our community. We invite you to share your unique voice and join others as we create a new experience for the women of DU.


At HerDU 2018 , we will use our voices to speak about what makes us who we are, while being aware that our voice has the power to shape the experiences of others. We invite you to be part of an experience where we can gather without titles, rank, or preconceptions and share our stories to grow and lift each other up.


Her DU 2018 is intentionally designed to facilitate relationship-building among the women of DU: to encourage collaboration and innovation beyond the conference day, and foster a community of growth where we all attempt to better understand, support, and enrich one another in our personal and professional pursuits.