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HerDU 2020

Schedule and Events

All HerDU 2020 programming will be held at the University of Denver, Sturm Hall.  Half the Sky Fair vendors will be in Sturm Hall (2nd floor hallway) throughout the conference. 

CHECK-IN/BREAKFAST: 8:15am-9:00am

Arrive at Sturm Hall Lobby (2nd floor), check-in, and enjoy breakfast (1st floor). Please be seated in Davis Auditorium by 9:00am.


Location: Sturm Hall, Davis Auditorium, Overflow seating in Sturm 281 (Lindsay Auditorium)

  • Spoken Word Performance - Eyni Jama
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks - Chancellor Jeremy Haefner
  • You Are Here Now - Dean Ann Ayers
  • Fireside Chat - Interim Provost Corrine Lengsfeld, Trustee Greg Moore, & Vice Chancellor Renea Morris. Moderated by Tali Koziol Thomason.  
  • Goals for the Day - Rufina Hernández

WORKSHOP SESSIONS: 10:45am-11:45am

Please select one of the the below nine workshops to attend.

The Power of Storytelling to Effect Change
Presented by: Arriana Belkin and Kassandra Rendon Morales, Sturm 287

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to humanize an issue and advocate for change. In this session, we seek to explore the importance of this tool and walk participants through crafting their own story. As activists, we have seen the impact of effective storytelling while speaking with our elected officials and within our communities. We will equip participants with training, so they feel empowered to share their stories to enact change.

Transform Your Energy, Impact, and Life: The Five Essential Elements
Presented by: Amanda Gulino, Sturm 312

As women, we are faced with many competing demands. This leaves us depleted, yet, there is another way: The Five Essential Elements.  Having the consistent energy you crave rests upon five key areas:
Exercise & nutrition, rest & renewal, joy & passion, focus & growth, time & effort. Join us to discover how to experience your most vital self.

Unlocking Your Authentic Leadership Style
Presented by: Ellen Winiarczyk, Sturm 187

This workshop will examine a little of historical women's ways of leading and highlight how women's leadership has evolved and the behavior adjustments that went along with change. Women often adopt shared or distributed leadership approaches, so this workshop will identify those characteristics and behaviors. Participants will complete a brief self-assessment of their default ways of being to examine if they are the leadership behaviors they wish to portray, because one's default way of being isn't always what is needed in leadership roles. Participants will then assess and identify behaviors they may wish to adopt. The workshop will conclude with the identification of vertical development stages that may be a useful tool to capture each person's evolutionary development as an adult.

Building Community Resilience through Courageous Conversation and Healing
Presented by: Rohini Gupta, Angela Astle, Bernadette Barton, Emma Stadele, & Morgan Haviland
Sturm 234

This workshop facilitates a discussion of incidences that have divided our community, locally, nationally, and globally, and their impact on our personal and professional identities. Information about divisive incidences in our community locally, nationally, and globally will be presented. Participants are invited to share stories of adversity and healing as well as discuss ways to sustain themselves and share strategies to build community resilience and sustain themselves during challenging times.

Advocating for Impact
Presented by: Alison Friedman Phillips, Sturm 281

Do you want to learn more about how you can advocate for women and girls plus better understand the systemic barriers facing 51% of our state? Join experts from The Women's Foundation of Colorado to gain dynamic skills and help us future create a future where Colorado women and girls of every background and identity prosper.

Connecting Your Gender Identity to Workplace Equity
Presented by: Kyle Inselman, Sturm 253

How does your gender show up at work? How about others' genders? In this session, you'll reflect on your gender identity, learn about how sexism and cissexism can impact everyone in the workplace, and finally consider actions you can take toward gender equity with this awareness. Open to people of all genders and career stages—students too!

Building Community: Design-Thinking Your Way to a New Company
Presented by: Nina Sharma and Kanitha Heng Snow, Sturm 124

In February, Project X-ITE hosted a design-thinking workshop for DU students who identify as women. The challenge question was: How might we rethink how communities are built and supported? Students formed teams and went through the five stages of design-thinking to generate new ideas. This session highlights the results of that session and serves as an introduction to Project X-ITE.

Hack-the-Household and Put Equity Into Practice
Presented by: Maggie Red, Sturm 254

Join Colorado Women's College in our efforts to Hack-the-Household! In this interactive session, participants will dig into the norms, expectations, and inequities that persist in our homes and personal ecosystems. We'll examine how we are all pigeon-holed into certain gender-based behaviors and attitudes – and then they will creatively undo them! You may wonder what we mean by "home," "household," or "personal ecosystem" and the answer is: Any kind of home you can imagine. All are welcome.

C+V HerDU Pre-Keynote Session
Presented by: Abigail Richards and Dil Khan, Sturm 210

The purpose of the C+V HerDU session is to create a space where attendees can participate in an active dialogue before the keynote. Our hope is to frame a space where people have valuable conversations prior to the keynote, and to have questions to think about, encouraging them to consider the question of "How do we honor the past to inspire a future community where we are all celebrated"?


Lunch opens at 11:45am.  Box lunches will be available in Sturm Hall, 1st Floor Lobby. Lunch seating is in Davis Auditorium or throughout the building.

Please be seated in Davis Auditorium or Lindsay Auditorium (overflow) by 12:20pm for the start of the program. The Awards & Lunch Keynote Program is 12:20pm-1:30pm.

  • Robin Morgan Outstanding Woman Awards and John Nichols Ally Award - Tali Koziol Thomason
  • Presentation of the First Annual "Spark" Award to Robin Morgan - Allana Forte
  • Introduction of Shiza Shahid - Colleen Abdoulah
  • The Extraordinary Impact We Can Create - Shiza Shahid
  • Lunch Program Closing - Colleen Abdoulah

Break: 1:30pm-2:00pm

Please take a break, or attend the post-keynote session below.

HerDU Post-Keynote Session, Sturm 210

Hosted by DU's Community + Values Initiative, the purpose of this C + V workshop is to create a space where attendees can participate in an active dialogue after the lunch keynote.

AFTERNOON PROGRAM: 2:00pm-3:15pm

Location:  Sturm Hall, Davis Auditorium, Overflow seating in Sturm 281 (Lindsay Auditorium)

  • Afternoon Program Opening - Laura Maresca
  • Using Your Voice to Shape Your Future - Emilie Aries
  • Community Leader Conversation - Lauren Casteel, Interviewed by Angelica Cerna Sanchez
  • Women in History Trivia + Giveaways - Lucy Constantino and Mary Sauceda
  • No Rest, No Revolution - Confidence Omenai

Afternoon program sponsored by Human Resources & Inclusive Community (HRIC).


Location:  Sturm Hall 2nd Floor Lobby

Join the CWC Women's Leadership Scholars Program students for painting, poetry, and photo activities before you enjoy the reception.

Reception sponsored by University Advancement/Global Networks at the University of Denver.

HerDU 2020 activities conclude at 4:30pm.