Report Unsafe Conditions

DU employees and students are encouraged to report any situation in which a potential health or safety hazard exists. For building or structural concerns, you may contact Facilities Management either by phone (303-871-2200) or by completing a Work Order Request Form.

  • Date of contact
  • Description of the concern
  • Location of the concern
  • Potential hazard or risk
  • Your name and phone number

Safety concerns are addressed within 24 hours to determine a course of action. You will be notified of the findings.

Request an Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation

If you would like to have an ergonomic evaluation of your workstation please email the EHS Director with the following information: name, phone number, building, room number and a brief description of your concern. Also, please reference our Workstation Ergonomics page for additional information.


For medical attention, first call emergency services at 911, then campus safety at 303-871-3000.