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We serve nearly 6,000 graduate students, offering services that support your journey from admission to graduation and beyond. 

The Office of Graduate Education is a knowledge center designed to help our graduate community thrive. If you have questions or concerns about admissions, funding opportunities, graduation requirements or anything else, call on us. Our campus-wide connections and dedicated support help  you through the administrative process and get you to your destination sooner.

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Ali Mollahosseini
Meet Ali Mollahosseini

As part of his PhD project, Ali Mollahosseini aims to develop use of socially assistive robots for natural and robust emotive interaction and intervention with humans. He’s also a data scientist at Twitter.

Back to School
Back to School

Former DU adjunct professor Ann Obermann earned her PhD through DU's Graduate School of Social Work and is gearing up to make a difference in her community. Her goal is to take the dedicated energy of GSSW into the classroom as she prepares the next generation of social workers to face the challenges ahead.

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Preventing Cyberattacks
Preventing Cyberattacks

Heather McPherson, one of the first female graduates of the Ritchie School's cybersecurity master's program, is preparing for a career centered around thwarting online attacks that can throw lives into disarray.

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