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Fostering a positive and nurturing academic culture is a team effort. As members of our talented faculty and staff, you model the drive, expertise and professional excellence our students strive towards. To ensure our faculty and students' shared success, we offer support for any difficulties you might encounter, including guidance through university policies and forms.

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  • Academic Dismissal

    Submit this form to the Office of Graduate Education to dismiss a student from your academic program. Students should only be dismissed from their academic program at the end of a quarter. The dismissal will be notated on the student’s transcript.  For more information, read the Dismissal and Termination policy.

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  • Doctoral Advancement to Preliminary Candidacy

    To recommend a student be advanced to preliminary candidacy, submit this form during or immediately after their first full quarter of doctoral study.  Read the full policy here.

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  • Doctoral Advancement to Final Candidacy

    Submit this form at least one quarter prior to the quarter in which the student will graduate to recommend they be advanced to final candidacy. Read the full policy here.

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  • Masters Advancement to Candidacy

    This form is used to recommend master's or EdS students be advanced to candidacy for their degree. Submit at least one quarter prior to the quarter in which the student will graduate. Read the full policy here.

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  • Readmission

    This form should be submitted when a student is within their time limits for completing their degree but have gone inactive because they have interrupted their graduate program by not registering for one or more consecutive terms (excluding summer) without properly requesting a leave of absence.  Please note that students on continuous enrollment submit a different readmission form which must be obtained from the Office of Graduate Education.  The readmission policy is available here.  Please contact our office with any questions.

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  • Tool Requirement

    For programs that have a research/tool requirement, use this form to ensure students' progress is properly documented. 

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  • Termination

    This form should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Education when a department is terminating a student who has exceeded the time limit to complete their degree. For more information, read the Dismissal and Termination policy.

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News & Updates

  • Independent Research Credits

    Title Update

    • Effective fall 2019, registration for independent research credits (3995, 4995, 5995, 6995) will be titled as Independent Research for all academic units. Students who are currently registered for independent research credits will not have the title changed.  Only future registration.
    • While departments have the prerogative to advise or limit registration for independent research credits, the signature from the advisor on the independent research form will indicate that the student is approved to register for independent research credits (at whatever level is specified on the form) and requests to update transcripts to different independent research credit numbers will not be permitted.   

    See the entire proposal that was presented to Graduate Council in November 2019 here

  • Fall 2019 - Quarterly Student Services Meeting

    Important Updates and Announcements

    Discussion Items: 

    Click here to read the full notes from the meeting.

    1. The student services team would like to meet with individual academic units to discuss how we can support and partner with you, we will be reaching out to schedule these meetings

    2. The university has purchased a new student success communication management tool (CRM)

    3. Forms

        a. We are updating our forms for the 2019-2020 academic year.  Please remove old versions that you have saved

        b. The personal leave of absence form no longer requires department signature.  There is also an online version of this form now available 

        c. Our office will no longer be sending forms back to academic units.  Instead, check WebXtender for forms we have received and processed

    4. Continuous Enrollment is required for all students who have completed coursework and are working on non-coursework requirements.  We will be enforcing this policy. 

    5. We have been working with various offices on campus to streamline the withdrawal, leave, and reentry process.  

    6. Academic Exceptions

         a. Students submitting academic exceptions to university policy should follow the academic exceptions process.

         b. Departmental academic exceptions should submit requests via memo to gststu@du.edu