Graduate Student Government

The Voice of the Graduate Student Body

The Graduate Student Government is a council of all the Graduate Student Associations (GSAs) at the University of Denver.

The GSG has two goals at the University:

  • One is to foster a sense of community among the graduate students.
  • The other to represent that community and its interests at DU.

GSG is the DU graduate community's representative student government body. As YOUR representative, we are here to serve YOU and advocate for YOUR interests and concerns. 

Our Constitution and Bylaws

Executive Board 2020-2021

Melissa Levy

Melissa Levy, President |

Melissa is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology, focusing on Neuropsychology. She serves as the GSG President, striving to promote effective and well-informed conversations between graduate students and the University of Denver as a whole. Being born and raised in Colorado, Melissa decided to stay close to home for her education and received her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology (2017) at the University of Denver. Of course, this means that some of her favorite pass-times include the outdoors and cheering on the DU sports teams. As a mental health professional, Melissa's work is dedicated to the issues of social justice, mental/emotional well-being, and community health.


Sarah  Almaghshy

Sarah Almaghshy, Vice-President |

Sarah Almaghshy is a second-year PhD student in Education: Curriculum and Instruction Program with a specialization in Social Studies. She earned her Master of Science in Education from Southern Illinois University and her Bachelor of Arts in History from Al-Jouf University. Sarah serves as a member of the climate group for improving international students' experience at the University of Denver. She works as a classroom assistant at Morgridge College of Education, and a language tutor in the world language and cultural center. Sarah also works in translation and research projects with several DU faculty members. Sarah spends her leisure time listening to classical music, discovering new places, meeting new people, and meditating. Currently, she serves in the role of Vice President and Director of Finance on the Graduate Student Government Executive Board.

Karl Watkins

Karl Watkins, Director of Communication |

Karl is a first-year graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Emergent Digital Practices. When it was time for his undergrad studies, Karl decided to take his talents to South Beach. Karl studied Communication and Multimedia studies earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University. As a communication professional, Karl has always taking the initiative to identify issues and suggest solutions and craft strategic plans that will insure a positive outcome.

Naichen Zhao

Naichen Zhao, Director of Community Engagement |

Naichen is a third year doctoral student in the Morgridge College of Education, studying Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She is an international student from China. She earned her M.A. in Translation and Interpreting in Britain and taught English in university for 4 years in China before she came to the U.S. for the PhD degree. As the Director of Community Engagement, her goal for this year is to host and assist events and strategic programming and planning based on a thorough understanding of diverse needs in the DU community. She strives to improve the DU community to be more inclusive and equitable.


Caio Pereira


Caio Pereira, Director of Inclusive Excellence |

Caio is a second-year graduate student in the Josef Korbel School of International Studies pursuing a master's degree in International Development. As an international student from Brazil, Caio understands the intricacies of being part of a minority group on campus and is devoted to acting as a voice for those who feel like are not being heard. As the Director of Inclusive Excellence, he is responsible for understanding and reporting the climate on campus regarding underrepresented communities and being there to listen and assist those in need. Caio also assists with the organization of events targeted at those communities as well as helping with the logistical aspects of creating student groups and connecting students with faculty and staff in order to create a more inclusive and diverse community.


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