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Our online graduate certificates offer a way to build on your academic portfolio and learn new skills while keeping up with life outside of school. Whether you're looking to switch career paths and open up new doors or you're established in your field and want to break into the next level, we have programs across STEM, the humanities, business, international relations and other subjects designed to improve specific abilities. Earning a certificate can be transformative for your career, allowing you to develop new skills at a lower cost and a faster pace than a traditional degree program. Just six to 12 months can empower you to earn more, do more and be more.

Online Certificate Programs

All certificates can be earned with either four or six courses unless otherwise noted.

Tuition & Costs

We strive to make DU online certificate programs financially accessible for as many students as possible. While tuition for these programs is often lower than what you would pay for an on-campus program, costs vary by subject. Contact us to find out the costs associated with the certificate you'd like to pursue.

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Certificate Types

Specialized Graduate Certificate

A fast, convenient way to add a new skill or credential, a specialized graduate certificate can help you switch job fields, advance in your current career, brush up on a specific subject area or prepare for a master's degree.

  • Cost: $11,680
  • Courses: 4
  • Length: 6-9 months

Graduate Certificate

More in-depth than the specialized certificate, a graduate certificate will provide you with a whole new toolkit of skills in the subject area of your choice. It's a great choice for equipping yourself with the knowledge required to advance to a new level in your career or for boosting your resume for a master's degree.

  • Cost: Varies by program
  • Courses: 6
  • Length: 9-12 months

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